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Family and Plant Sciences


The Foods and Nutrition Program provides a series of workshops where youth engage in hands on activities involving food preparation. Past program activities have included Grandma’s Favorite Recipes, Holiday Cooking and Baking, Cooking Around the World, Pies: From Crusts to Fillings, and Food Preservation 101. A yearly schedule of activities is published each October. 2016-2017 Foods Program Workshops


The sewing program meets monthly and provides 4-H youth the opportunity to learn beginning sewing, specific project work and textile on whatever project they are interested in. The program has several sewing machines available for youth to use at these meetings. A yearly schedule of activities is published each October.

2016-2017 Sewing & Needlework Program

Measuring UP: Quality Standards for Sewn Items/Projects

Sewing Skills Checklist                  Plain Seams and Seam Finishes

For Fair:

ESF (pdf) Sewing Entry Form or Word version

Style Show data sheet                  Fashion Modeling Your 4-H Garment

Writing 4-H Style Review Commentary       Clothing Fair Scorecard

For Leaders:

Sew Quick: A 4-H Sewing Leader’s Guide   =   Costura Rapida

Plant Sciences

The Snohomish County 4-H Plant Science Program helps youth learn to have fun with gardening, provide opportunities to learn more about gardening, and encourage ideas for individual projects, help youth reach out to local communities to beautify and educate, and help the youth see that they can make a difference – even if it is in just a small way. A yearly schedule of activities published each October. 2017 Sno Co 4-H Gardening Workshops

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