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Program Contact: Beth Wangen, Volunteer Coordinator
(425) 357-6005 •

Become a 4-H Volunteer!

  • See the best in your community!
  • Share your skills and gain new ones!
  • Make memories and friendships!
As an affiliate of Washington State University, our state’s land grant university, you benefit from
  • WSU Extension resources and curriculum
  • Training relevant to your 4-H responsibilities and to life
  • WSU liability coverage and L&I insurance while volunteering

Apply To Volunteer Now

Take the first step towards becoming a 4-H volunteer. Download and complete the WSU 4-H Volunteer Application. If you are involved with a club or program, submit your application to the supervising volunteer. Otherwise, submit it to the 4-H office. Once we receive your application, we will contact you for any further information.  

WSU Extension, Snohomish County 4-H

600 128th St. SE

Everett, WA 98208

Looking for all of the volunteer application documents?  They can be found HERE.

Volunteer Opportunities

Sharing your time and talents can be rewarding beyond expectation. Volunteering with 4-H will help to enrich a child’s life as well as contribute to the future of your community. No matter how much time you have to give, 4-H has a place for YOU.

One-time, Date-Specific Opportunities
  • Assist with event registrations, space setup, etc.
  • Office Assistance: Prepare outreach kits and supplies, make buttons
  • Assist with fund raising opportunities–Annual Train Show!
  • Teach a workshop for youth (sewing, creative arts, animal health, robotics…)
  • Serve as a judge for Public Presentations or Record Books
  • Represent 4-H at recruiting and informational events
Short-term Opportunities
  • Serve on a committee or ad-hoc task force
  • Lead a committee for a specific club or program
  • Plan or implement 4-H events
  • Facilitate club activities (i.e. fund raising, social activities, awards celebrations, etc.)
Ongoing Opportunities
  • START a club for kids, LEAD a project, TEACH youth skills…
  • Serve on an advisory group for 4-H  (e.g. 4-H Council)
  • Partner with youth to implement shows, trainings, and events
  • Be an advocate for youth and youth issues
No matter how much time you have to give – 4-H has a place for YOU.

4-H VolunteerApplication

Matched Funds

Volunteer Incentive Plans–list of employers
  • The above link is not an exhaustive list of employers that offer matching gifts for volunteer time or donations.  Please inquire at your employer’s HR department to be sure.

Volunteer Education

Volunteers are provided a quality, comprehensive training program, E.V.O.L.V.E., that helps you to work with and teach youth in many different interest-related areas that we call programs. Topics range from new club orientation to effective group leadership.

To see all requirements and supplemental education opportunities for volunteers, click here: Volunteer Education Chart

Volunteer Class Notes

Notes are posted briefly after classes are concluded.

Including Youth with Special Needs (a recording of an e-class from the 2015 Western Region Leaders Forum)

Washington State University