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Compost in Agriculture

Need compost for your farm?

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What is the Compost Outreach Project?

The Compost Outreach Project provides Snohomish and King County farmers with an opportunity to see first-hand the benefits of incorporating compost into their cropping systems. Our on-farm research is helping document the value of using compost in local cropping systems, and create a sustainable system for returning urban landscape and food waste energy to local farms.

Compost to Combat Drought

Compost increases organic matter, improving soil moisture retention!

Learn more!drought-afflicated-crops-205x150

handoutCompost reduces soil bulk density through 2015 on-farm research.

See the 2015 program handout! (Dec. 2015)



For Web Pg 1 presentationIncorporating Compost in Specialty Crop Production!

New Presentation! (Nov. 2015)



Local farmers are using compost made from food scraps and yard waste!


See Compost in Action

Compost has been used on nearly 73 farms through the Compost Outreach Project. Check out some of the results through the farmer-conducted demonstration trials! Click here- Compost Demo Trials Observations

In 2012, farmer Tristan Klesick observes the results of his compost trial on potatoes.
In 2012, farmer Tristan Klesick observes the results of his compost trial on potatoes.


Forty-nine Snohomish and King County farmers are participating in the compost trials in 2015!


Click here to view a map of our 2015 compost trial farms! view map

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Watch our YouTube films!


2016 On Farm Compost Demonstration Results

Watch a short video that highlights the programs’s results on one participating farm in the WSU agricultural compost research and outreach project.


Program Handouts

WSU Compost in Agriculture 2013 Handout

2014 WSU Compost Outreach Project Handout

2016 WSU Compost Field Guide “Fertilizing with Manure and other Organic Amendments”

2014 Compost Research Trials

Click the photos for more information:

Information for Farmers:

WSU Compost Outreach Project: Recommended Compost BMP Guide for Farmers – NEW!
Compost/Manure Spreaders and Techniques for any-sized operation!

Compost Equipment Sharing Map- New!


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