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Program Contact: Snohomish County 4-H
(425) 357-6044 •

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4-H offers many opportunities to have fun, learn new things and meet lots of new friends and adult mentors! You get to choose to participate in program areas, leadership activities, public presentations, and community service.


Youth leadership is what 4-H is all about. In 4-H, you are in charge of your own programming. Adult volunteers work with you and/or your club to plan your activities to meet the goals you have set for yourself. In Snohomish County, we offer many different levels of leadership opportunities.

Club leadership – you may choose to serve on a committee, as an officer or to lead an event. Each individual club has a slightly different structure; once you’ve joined a club you can set goals for what leadership roles you might want to take.

Find Resources used at Youth Leadership Summit!

County Leadership – 4-H has many different county leadership positions. Many of them are program specific, however, overall county opportunities exist as well. You will have many chances to exhibit your leadership ability as a member of 4-H.

Ambassadors (ages 13-19)

As a 4-H ambassador, you will work with other teens to promote 4-H to other youth, participate in many fun activities, attend State Teen Conference and work together on community service projects. For more information, please contact the office.

Parallel Leader

This position is in the dog program and gives you the opportunity to assist in making programming and policies decisions.Parallel Leaders are also heavily involved in putting on a statewide dog event (Great Dog Caper*) for other youth and their pooches.

Equine Youth Forum

This position is in the equine program and gives you the opportunity to assist in making programming and policies decisions. This group meets many times throughout the year. For more information, visit the equine program yahoo list serve at

4-H Council

This position is county-wide and will allow you to sit on the board of directors for the Snohomish County 4-H Council. You will be involved in setting program direction and policy for the entire 4-H organization here in Snohomish County.

Regional, statewide, national and international Leadership – Many opportunities await you in the world of 4-H. You can go places you never dreamed of. Visit the Washington State 4-H Program webpage to learn more about these activities.

Public Presentations

You can learn to stand in front of audiences with confidence and poise, just like many of the speakers you’ve heard in your lifetime. 4-H has just the program to teach you how to prepare, practice and deliver award winning presentations. Each year, 4-H hosts a series of workshops to teach the skills of presenting. The schedule for these workshops is published in October of each year. Following these workshops, you will be able to compete in Area, County and Top Trophy Contests.

Community Service

You can make a difference in your community. Being a part of 4-H will give you many opportunities to give to those in need, assist in bettering your environment or sharing your skills with others. You are powerful in your ability to make the world a better place.

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” ~ Margaret Mead

See how 4-H members have served their communities!

Record Books

Your experience with 4-H record books will lead you through the process of setting goals, securing assistance in reaching those goals and recording your progress. You will gain skills such as organization, setting priorities, maintaining financial records and keeping track of all the activities you have participated in as a youth. This can come in very handy when you begin completing job, college and scholarship applications.

Electronic Record Books

Paper Record Books

More Record Book Resources

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