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Washington State University

Youth Education

Each year, Beach Watchers offer classroom and field trip support during the spring months to approximately 30 classes so students can learn about intertidal life, tides, watersheds and more! Our Puget Sound Youth Education program will return to in-person field trips in 2023.


For Teachers and Educators

Learn about our Puget Sound Marine Youth Education Program

  • Bring Beach to the Classroom Our educational presentations enhance marine education studies in your classroom. All presentations are provided at grade-appropriate level and customized to meet all student’s needs. NGSS topics include interdependent relationships in ecosystems, marine structures and functions, growth, development and reproduction of organisms, plus matter and energy in organisms and ecosystems to natural selection and adaptation, plus forces and interactions with tides.  We provide three 20-minute presentations about the aforementioned topics.  This program is currently unavailable.
  • Bring Your Class to Puget Sound! We are currently unable to do in-person field trips. To learn more, view our Classroom and Field Trip Flyer (pdf)