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CNRC Support

Why Support the CNRC?

  • The fees charged for use of the facilities are minimal to encourage schools and youth groups to make use of the CNRC as a learning site, but not enough to improve the Center. The buildings need considerable improvements and upgrading to allow maximum use. Expansion or replacement of the facilities is a long-term goal that will require considerable financial support.
  • Any donation you make will be placed in a special account and accumulated to allow for the future growth and development of the Center’s facilities and programs.
  • The CNRC is on land owned by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. Chelan County holds a lease on the grazing rights to the land and owns several buildings that are used for educational programs. The Extension offices in both Chelan and Kittitas Counties have agreed to manage the grazing operations and the use of the buildings as part of the Center’s educational operation.

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Ways to Give

A) Individuals

  1. Make your donation online. Use your credit or debit card to make a tax deductible donation to the special account for future development. Your donation will be acknowledge with an immediate receipt from Official Payments, and with a letter from Chelan County Extension.
  2. If Donating with a check, make it payable to Chelan County Extension, and send to:Chelan County Extension office
    Attention: CNRC Director
    400 Washington Street
    Wenatchee, WA 98801

B) Corporate Giving & Organizations

The Colockum Natural Resource Center is a not-for-profit center operated by Chelan County and managed by the Chelan & Kittitas Counties Extension offices. Companies and organizations that share our goals to ensure educated, interested citizens will find the CNRC a valuable asset they may support with grants and donations.

Please contact Ray Faini at the Chelan County Extension office (509-667-6540) to discuss how your company or organization may keep this resource available to the community.

Read an example of how a grant from Alcoa  made a difference to the CNRC.


The Colockum Natural Resource Center is a year-round natural resources learning center that fosters partnerships that promote environmental stewardship and sustainable utilization of ecosystems through science based and interactive educational opportunities.

To bring this Vision to Reality, the Colockum Natural Resource Center:

  • Promotes experiential education as the primary delivery mode of programs offered on site.
  • Seeks collaboration and partnership with organizations to further our shared goals and support sustainable use of natural resources
  • Provides an authentic setting for research and/or studies of related regional ecosystems / watersheds and their utilization for wildlife, livestock, and timber
  • Is intended for use by the public, i.e, families, community groups of youth or adults, schools and universities to learn about the ecosystem and appropriate use of natural resources
  • Provides a meeting site for private or commercial groups whose mission is closely aligned with that of the CNRC
  • Provides a home for internship programs from our community college and 4 year institutions.
  • Provides a site for education focused on low impact outdoor recreational opportunities
  • Maintains an online presence that brings knowledge and resources to everyone seeking to know about or teach about natural resources.