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CNRC Volunteering

How You Can Be Involved

The WSU Center for Civic Engagement volunteered to make the CNRC a better facility.  You can too.

If you or your school, club or organization would like to help with some of the work needed to make this facility a first class natural resource center for all of North Central Washington, please contact:

Ray Faini, Director
Chelan County Extension and CNRC
400 Washington Street
Wenatchee, WA 98801
509-667-6540; or Email:

WSU Center for Civic Engagement volunteered

Advisory Committee

If you would like to serve on an advisory committee to help map the future of the CNRC, please contact:

  • Ray Faini at the Chelan County Extension office (509-667-6540) or
  • Tip Hudson at the Kittitas County Extension office (509-962-7507

Alcoans do the work and have fun too!

On October 23, 2011, 11 Alcoans, with family members, spent a day making much needed improvements to the CNRC’s classroom and kitchen building, plus applying a long overdue coar of paint to the bath house and the stairs that lead to the classroom.

Their work will make the classroom and kitchen building useable year round.  They cleaned out under the building before putting a plastic vapor barrier in place, put heat tape on the water pipes, and were creative as they figured out how to put up skirting around the entire building. Others scraped fascia boards on the bath house and the entrance steps to the building, then applied primer and a finish coat to seal the wood.

In between, they laughed, teased each other, had some donuts and coffee, listened to the Seahawks game on the radio and had pizza and cherry cobbler for lunch.  They worked hard and had fun at the same time.

The Alcoa company will also help defray some of the costs for the materials needed for this project, up to $1,500, as part of the Alcoa ACTION GRANT (Alcoans Coming Together In Our Neighborhoods) which recognizes the team efforts of Alcoa employees who spend a minimum of four hours on a community service project for a local nonprofit/non-governmental organization. In recognition of the team’s effort, Alcoa will make a contribution to the nonprofit organization of either $1,500 or $3,000, depending on the size of the team.  “Our Colockum team included Alcoans, families and partners from the Alcoa/Fluor Alliance,” according to Sharon Kanareff, local Alcoa Foundation representative.

This work had to be done before winter, and the timing was perfect.  “Their efforts will make a huge impact on our ability to get this project off the ground and increase the attractiveness of our facility to families, scout and church groups and schools looking for a site to do hands-on learning about the environment,” said Ray Faini, Chelan County Extension and Director of the CNRC.  I am very grateful for the time and generosity of these volunteers and Alcoa.  Without their help, I don’t know how we would have been able to get this project completed,” Faini noted.

WSU Center for Civic Engagement at CNRC

Students, faculty and staff from the Center for Civic Engagement brought smiles, enthusiasm, and a sense of pride to dust off and give a thorough Spring clean up the Clockum Natural Resource Center.

Students included: Joe Astorino, Adam Aquino, Phil Boyer, Angela Frank, David Hewett, Madison Magliocca, Nick Ramirez, and Julia Theobald.

Leaders were: Lynne Carpenter-Boggs – WSU Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dave Tharp – past trip leader (retired), Justin Hougham – WSU Dept. of Teaching and Learning and WSU Organic Farm, Jenni Whelan – undergrad Peer Mentor employee at CCE and architecture major, and Kim Freier – Assistant Director of Center for Civic Engagement.