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Where you find help and share your knowledge of available resources

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We welcome your help in building this database for everyone to use. “Create a Resource” to add books, web sites, even speakers, and more to help others who visit this site. Resources can be in many forms, including:

  1. MS Word, Excel, PDF or graphic documents,
  2. Web pages,
  3. Names, expertise, and contact information for area experts who are willing to teach (be sure to confirm with the expert their approval to be listed).
  4. Availability of “kits” that teachers and others may borrow.

Questions can be directed to Ray Faini, CNRC Director, 400 Washington Street, Wenatchee, WA  98801, Phone: 509-667-6540 or email to:

1. Finding and Viewing Resources:

  • Log into the site using an account you have already created for another site such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more – that saves having to remember another ID and PASSWORD. Click on “Accept” to allow the WSU CNRC web site to gather your credentials from that site.
  • The first time you log in at CNRC Resources, you will be asked to answer a few questions to help us understand who is using the site.  None of the information will ever be shared.
  • Click on “View Resources” and choose a category to peruse.  To view over multiple categories, hold down “Ctrl” and click on additional categories.
  • When search results display, Click the “More Info” link below each of the resources that are displayed.

2. Searching Resources:

  1. Log into the site.
  2. Click on View Resources, then on “Search Resources”
  3. To search over multiple categories, hold down “Ctrl” and click on additional categories.  Enter text to search for in “Full text search” NOTE: It will search on each word that you enter.
  4. Enter the grade band you wish to search for.  The system can search from “Preschool” through “Post Doc”. NOTE: use “No lower limit” and/or “No upper limit” for the widest search, returning the most records.
  5. Enter the “Category” to further limit the search.  NOTE: It is suggested you leave this at “All” the first time searching for a resource.
  6. When records display, click the “More Info” link below each record that is displayed for the complete text of that record.

3. Creating a Resource:

  1. Log into the site.
  2. Click on “Create Resources”
  3. Choose the category that you think best fits the resource you want to create.To enter your new resource in multiple categories, hold down “Ctrl” and click on additional categories.
  4. Enter a “Title” and “Description” that will best convey to others the nature of your new resource. Enter a description of the resource that will tell others about the nature and value of the resource.  NOTE: to enter a web URL, begin with “http://” followed by the complete URL (the site will convert it to an active link when it is displayed).
  5. Enter the “Keywords” that others are most likely to use when searching for this type of resource
  6. Choose the grade level band most appropriate for the resource you are creating.  Use as wide a band as possible. NOTE: use “No lower limit” and “No upper limit” for the widest search, returning the most records.
  7. If you want to attach a file to this resource (text, spreadsheet, pdf, or graphic), click the box under “Do you have files to attach?”, click on “Create” and a new window will open, allowing you to browse your computer for the file(s) to attach.
  8. Lastly, click “Create” after entering the text of your resource, or after choosing the file(s) to upload.
  9. The system will enter a message to acknowledge that your record has been entered.  Your new resource will not display until approved by WSU Extension.  If there are any questions or clarifications needed, you will be contacted.