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CNRC About Us

Programs & Activities

“The Colockum Natural Resource Center is a year-round natural resources learning center that fosters partnerships that promote environmental stewardship and sustainable utilization of ecosystems through science based and interactive educational opportunities.”

To bring this Vision to Reality, the Colockum Natural Resource Center:

  • Promotes experiential education as the primary delivery mode of programs offered on site.
  • Seeks collaboration and partnership with organizations to further our shared goals and support sustainable use of natural resources
  • Provides an authentic setting for research and/or studies of related regional ecosystems / watersheds and their utilization for wildlife, livestock, and timber
  • Is intended for use by the public, i.e, families, community groups of youth or adults, schools and universities to learn about the ecosystem and appropriate use of natural resources
  • Provides a meeting site for private or commercial groups whose mission is closely aligned with that of the CNRC
  • Provides a home for internship programs from our community college and 4 year institutions
  • Provides a site for education focused on low impact outdoor recreational opportunities
  • Maintains an online presence that brings knowledge and resources to everyone seeking to know about or teach about natural resources.

Below are some sample programs and the person to contact for arranging an activity for your group:

Livestock Grazing

Well-managed livestock grazing is perhaps the most sustainable form of agriculture. Range livestock production is only economically sustainable when domestic livestock utilize natural plant communities in a way that does not undermine the long-term ability of those ecosystems to thrive. What is rangeland health? How can we measure it? What effects do livestock have on the environment? Learn about methods to ensure sustainable livestock use of shrub-steppe and forest habitat types by adjusting timing, duration, and intensity of grazing pressure at the Colockum Natural Resource Center. Contact Tip Hudson.

colockum3Forest Stewardship

Learn to manage your forest land to accomplish your goals. A variety of workshops are conducted during the year throughout the state and special learning activities may be scheduled here at the Colockum Natural Resource Center. Contact Andy Perleberg.

4-H Eco-Stewardship

Youth learn best when they are engaged in activities. This highly successful program uses experiential activities to help students learn about themselves and their environment while carrying out important work that will benefit the watershed and help them understand how they are connected to the land. Contact Kevin Powers.

Experiential Education

When young people are in an environment that is outside of their control, they are more attentive to their surroundings, their own feelings and those of the people that are with them. Bringing students to the Colockum Natural Resource Center will enhance learning, allow for personal / group growth and a heightened awareness of this unique environment. Contact Hana Butler.

Horseback Tours

Join WSU Extension educators on a day-long tour to learn about rangeland ecology, using livestock to promote ecosystem health, and current forest management practices. We will discuss how humans fit into wildland function and sustainability, the future of livestock production, and practice a few tools of the trade with hands-on activities. The tour covers 6-7 miles.

Winston Churchill once said, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” If you have spent much time riding a horse, you will know that this is true. There is no substitute for experiencing wildlands from the back of a horse. Horseback tours for your and adults are provided in coordination with Miller/Blue Outfitters. Prior riding experience is not necessary. Tour dates are available late April through early June. Contact Tip Hudson.