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Facilities at CNRC

colockum facilities site plan

The classroom, kitchen and sleeping cabins are available for use year around.  You can view and print this site plan as an Adobe pdf.

Facility Description
Classroom Seats 50; can be set up with or without tables. Air conditioners (window type) in classroom area. One bathroom adjacent to the class room
Kitchen Fully equipped with pots, pans, serving platters, forks & spoons, cooking utensils. Two refrigerators; one stove with standard oven and warming oven (not commercial units).
Bath house An outdoor bathroom with separate facilities for men and women, including showers. Bring personal items and toiletries, towels, etc. Tongs or sandals recmmended.
RV Pads Two RV pads with water, electricity and sewer.
Sleeping quarters 4 cabins sleep a total of 22. Each bunk has spring mattress and 4″ pad.  Bring sleeping bags and/or bed linens and pillows.
Stable/Corral Number of animals varies by your needs. Call for information (509-667-6540)