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Club Financial Information

The management of 4-H funds is an important task for 4-H Clubs, Groups, Councils, and other Authorized Units. This page provides several resources for you to maintain compliance with all 4-H policies and procedures related to financial management.


Financial Management Checklist

The Financial Management Checklist is used for new clubs to set up their financial identity or existing clubs to complete their end of year tasks:

Financial Management Checklist

Auditing Your Accounts

Once the 4-H year has ended, each 4-H Club/Group, etc., must undergo an audit of their financial accounts to ensure all processes have been correctly followed. Below are two resources to assist you with this audit:

Auditing Your Club’s Financial Records

Sample Club Audit Report

Inventory Your Property

The equipment your club/group, etc., owns is categorized as an asset. You must keep a listing of all the property your club owns on a Property Inventory Form. Any item worth more than $10 should be included on this form.

Property Inventory Form

Annual Financial Summary

After all audit reports and property inventory forms have been completed, all clubs/groups, etc., is required to complete an Annual Financial Summary.

Fill-in PDF: Annual Financial Summary

Club and Program Information

Please complete your preferred option of the form below to keep your club or program information current.

Fill-in PDF: Club and Program Update Form

Link to Submit Online: Club and Program Update Qualtrics Form