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4-H Citizenship projects and programs empower young people to be well-informed citizens who are actively engaged in their communities and the world.

By providing them with opportunities to connect to their communities and adult leaders, youth gain a clear understanding of their role in civic affairs and are able to build their decision-making ability.

This solid foundation helps youth understand and acquire the skills that will allow them to become astute leaders for the 21st Century.

Citizenship projects are available for Junior, Intermediate, and Senior 4-Hers with the exception of Know Your Government, which is open to youth in grades 9-12.

Don’t see anything that fits a project idea you had? You can sign up for a Self-Determined Civic Engagement project and create your own! Learn more on the Self-Determined Project page!



The Citizenship Project is broadly defined as any project with a focus on how youth interact with their communities as citizens. Youth are given opportunities to connect with their communities and adult leaders with the goal that they gain a clear understanding of their role in civic affairs.

National 4-H Curriculum and Resources:
Know Your Government

Know Your Government (KYG) is a civic education program with a four-year rotating topic: The Legislative System, The Judicial System, Elections and Party Platforms, and Politics and the Media. This year we will explore the topic of Politics and the Media. It is important to remember though, that KYG is much more than learning about how the Legislative process works. In fact, one could argue that it is little about that.

Know Your Government is open to youth in grades 9-12 (Senior 4-Hers)

Visit the Know Your Government page to learn more!


Know Your Local Government

Know Your Local Government is an up-and-coming program that focuses on civic education at a more local level. The focus is on city and county government, rather than state-level government.

Resources and Other Information

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