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From a field biologist studying whales and dolphins, to a psychotherapist working with individual and family systems, to a teacher and naturalist leading wildlife trips worldwide, to years of Rites of Passage training at the School of Lost Borders, Larry came to the 4H Challenge Program with a vision of making traditional Rites of Passage available to all 4H youth. Although still conducting river dolphin research in Southeast Asia, teaching and leading natural history trips around the world, Larry’s passion rests in guiding Rites of Passage and in sharing his knowledge of the ways we interrelate with and understand the natural world that supports us all. Larry is a father and grandfather.

S Lawrence

Scott Lawrance, Ed.D.

After a career in public education as a teacher and counselor, Scott continues to deepen his engagement with the ancient path of Wilderness Rites of Passage.  A therapist, counselor, poet, counselor educator, amateur naturalist, meditation instructor and grandfather, he has spent much time in the wilderness of British Columbia.  Semi-retired on Vancouver Island in the Salish Sea, he continues work as Adjunct Faculty with City University of Seattle, eco-therapist and co-founder of Lost Mountain Ventures, a Wilderness ROP organization.  He is committed to following a path with heart, supporting environments of awareness for young and older alike.


Lauren Marziliano, M.Ed.

Lauren has always had a passion for being on the land whether it be deciduous-hardwood forests, deep coniferous woods, coastal beaches, or sagebrush deserts.  After moving to Washington from Georgia, she began helping connect people to nature by leading outdoor adventure trips and teaching natural history.  Currently she teaches in an alternative high school program in south Seattle that focuses on environmental leadership and service.  Lauren is excited to bring her experience working with adolescents into her work as a guide for 4-H Youth Rite of Passage.


C Harter

Candace Harter

Candace has been involved with the 4H ROP program since 2011​ while completing her BA through Evergreen State College.​ ​ She spent the year working with Lauren Marziliano at Waskowitz Outdoor School while simultaneously completing independent research on the world-changing impact of Youth Rites of Passage. She I was officially granted guide-hood July of 2012 by her two favorite mentors: Larry ​Hobbs ​and Lauren​ Marziliano.  Since this time, Candace has led several youth fasts and​ has participated in the 5-week wilderness guide training with School of Lost Borders.  ​As a kid, ​the woods were her sanctuary and it only seemed natural to encourage and facilitate others to find​ their unique connection with the earth​ as well.  Rite of Passage is not only about supporting and leading participants toward self-empowerment, but it is also a nourishing and enlightening experience for us guides.​  This important work takes a strong priority in her life, although she also spends her time in a variety of activities: music​, family, and magic just to name a few.


Josh Uithof

Josh holds a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Ecopsychology from Naropa University, seasonally guides kayak tours along the Oregon coast and serves as a substitute teacher at Portland’s Jesuit High School.  He also co-guides the Portland Waldorf School Rite of Passage each year and has been guiding with WSU-4H since 2012.  He enjoys surfing, writing/performing music and inquiring into the existential nature of Being.


Susan Kliewer

Susan’s passion rests in guiding Rites of Passage and in sharing her experiences of the ways we interrelate with others and our understanding of the natural world. Susan grew up on a farm, and has always had a passion for the land whether it be farmland, forests,  woods, beaches, or deserts.  After moving to Washington from California, she continued to teach in the public school system, initially in Seattle and now in Renton. Currently she is in her 3rd year of bringing the Rite of Passage program to her special education students.  Susan is excited to bring her own experience, her vast and extensive experience working with adolescents, and a love for creativity into her work as a guide for 4-H Youth Rite of Passage.