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Join 4-H

We’re so happy you’re interested in joining Washington 4-H!

Follow these steps to enroll in 4-H:

  1. Find a club! Not all clubs offer all projects, so find a club that offers leadership in a project you’re interested in. If you can’t find a club, you are welcome to start your own club! Work with your local county extension office to find a club or start your own.
  2. Decide on your project(s)! There are numerous different project opportunities for 4-H members to participate in and with self-determined projects, the opportunities can be endless! View a list of projects here.
  3. Enroll in 4-H through 4HOnline! Washington 4-H uses 4HOnline to manage member enrollments. You can access the website here. If you have any questions about enrolling in 4HOnline, contact your local county extension office for help.
  4. Get involved and have fun! To get the most of your 4-H experience, attend meetings and events and get involved.
Need help? The following resource documents are a useful tool to walk you through the enrollment process.

4HOnline Enrollment Guide

County Payment Instructions

Adding Credit Cards to 4HOnline:

New Families
Returning Families

Thank you Cowlitz County for these help guides. 

The 4-H Program Policy has been updated beginning October 1, 2018. Read the updated policy here.
If you are in need of a reasonable accommodation, please see the form here:
You can view the statistics for our program by clicking on the year:




Notes on the data:

“Total (with duplications included)” (pg.1) is the count of how many times a youth a participated in 4-H programming, and may include duplication. For example, if a youth was in a 4-H club and also went to a 4-H camp, they may be included twice in this number.

“Total 4-H Youth Participants (duplications eliminated) (pg. 2) is the count of youth who participated in all 4-H programming, but excludes any duplicated youth. Using the example above, the youth who was in a club and went to a camp would only be counted once here.


Washington State University Extension