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Performance Arts

Performance Arts projects give 4-Hers a way to show off their performance skills! From performance and theater arts to cultural dance and music, the options are limitless! We can’t wait to see you on the stage!

Performance Arts projects are open to all 4-Hers, though some projects may not be available for younger youth.

Don’t see anything that fits a project idea you had? You can sign up for a Self-Determined Communication and Performance Arts project and create your own! Learn more on the Self-Determined Project page!


Latino Cultural Arts

Latino Cultural Arts is a National 4-H Curriculum that teaches youth about many aspects of Latino culture. Lessons include performing arts, visual arts, textile arts, and celebrations. The curriculum is presented in both English and Spanish.

Latino Cultural Arts (!Qué Rico! La Cultura) (Cloverbud, Junior, Intermediate)

Performing Arts

Performing Arts projects help kids learn the skills necessary to perform on stage! Music, spoken word poetry, dance, and more can be included in this project. Break a leg!

Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts project opens the world of theatre to youth with activities in communication, improvisation, pantomime, scriptwriting, cultural and historical influences, stage design, and costume design.

National 4-H Curriculum and Resources


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