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Washington State University Extension

State 4-H Council Meeting

The State 4-H Council meeting is a chance for 4-H youth and volunteers to discuss issues critical to 4-H, suggest changes in the Washington State 4-H Youth Development Program and elect representatives to the State Advisory Board and State 4-H Fair Board. All youth and adults may participate in the committee meetings. Material for the Council Meeting will be posted online in advance of the meeting. A complete agenda and copies of submitted recommendations and applications, if any, will be posted on this page prior to the Council meeting.

The State 4-H Council Meeting is made up of three parts: District Caucuses, Committee Meetings, and a General Council session. During the district caucuses, representatives are elected to the State Advisory Board and State 4-H Fair Board of Trustees. County designated voting delegates will only elect representatives from their own district. This is also an opportunity to discuss and plan district programming for the future.

The committee meetings are a chance to discuss recommendations from the counties for improvements to the 4-H program. If a committee doesn’t have many recommendations or finishes early, it is a great chance to discuss project issues and plan for the upcoming 4-H year.

At the general session each of the committee actions on recommendations are accepted or rejected. The accepted recommendations then go on to the State 4-H Fair Board, State Advisory Board, statewide committees, or State 4-H Staff for approval. The State 4-H Program Director has final approval of all recommendations. In general, approved recommendations will be implemented October 1 of the following 4-H year.

The deadline for recommendations to the WA State 4-H Council is September 1. Recommendation forms may be obtained from your County Extension Office or online. Recommendations are an important way for 4-H volunteers to suggest changes and improvements to the 4-H program and should go through a process at the local county level to refine and approve them before being signed by County Council Presidents and 4-H Staff.

Please mail completed recommendations, postmarked by September 1, to Tony Dell, 2606 W Pioneer, Puyallup, WA 98371; or scan and email to Tony Dell at