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In Their Own Words…

How has your understanding of learning communities changed as a result of this training?
  • “I’ve never seen staff members so inspired after a workshop and eager to implement what they have learned.”
  • “My understanding has changed completely and I am so excited about the results. My kids will benefit and I will grow immensely as a teacher.”
  • “I have a stronger sense of how to build this into my regular class plans, routines, and curriculum.”
  • “This has impacted my outlook on education and changed the way I look at education.”
  • “It is a concept that has always been ‘tossed around.’ I now clearly see what it means and why it is so beneficial.

What do you see as the BENEFITS of creating learning communities?
  • “Helping to be proactive about behavior. Enhancing learning and possibly injecting some joy back into my job.”
  • “Creating a sense of community in my classroom holds my kids accountable for their learning and gives them a sense of ownership!”
  • “Learning community will give the power to succeed back to the students. Teachers will go home more invigorated and less tiered.”
  • “When the whole needs of the child are met, more ‘academic’ learning takes place. The classroom becomes a place where kids want to be.”

What are the strengths of this program?
  • “How I experienced first-hand being part of a learning community that I can then take to my classroom.”
  • “You modeled what you were asking us to do. “
  • “Experiencing the ideas given, not just learning about them.”
  • “Doing many of the activities really aided in comprehension and retention.”
  • “Hands on, fun, useful ideas that will benefit teachers, students, schools, and parents.”
  • “Great energy from the presenters.”
  • “Lots of movement!”
  • “The ideas I left with and can implement tomorrow! “
  • “Great energy from presenters. Lots of movement and great ideas.”

Other Comments:
  • “I’d like to have this workshop in the fall for my entire staff. “
  • “Energetic, positive, relevant and useful information. Excellent presenters!!!”
  • “Great! A truly lasting impact on education. Everyone should take this class.”
  • “I’ll recommend to friends and peers. “
  • “Your workshop was one of the most valuable ones I’ve ever taken! I’ve already used several ideas!”