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Communication projects help youth improve their ability to communicate in a clear and engaging way with a variety of audiences! Many 4-Hers participate in public speaking, giving them an opportunity to teach their audience about a topic they are passionate about!

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Communication projects are open to all 4-Hers, though some projects may not be available for younger youth.

Don’t see anything that fits a project idea you had? You can sign up for a Self-Determined Communication and Performance Arts project and create your own! Learn more on the Self-Determined Project page!



Communication projects focus on improving the ways in which we communicate with others. Broadly it can cover the many ways in which we communicate with others.

If you are interested in learning how to present to a group, check out the Public Speaking and Presentations project!

National 4-H Curriculum and Resources
Public Speaking and Presentations

Public Speaking and Presentation projects are a great way to practice public speaking skills!

One must know how to ask for things, how to explain things, and how to speak persuasively enough to win the active support of others. Resourcefulness and adaptability in speech may be regarded as essential to success in every occupation.

Many 4-Hers also participate in Public Presentations! Check with your local Extension Office on how you can participate in Public Presentations!

WSU Curriculum and Resources
National 4-H Curriculum and Resources:


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