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Washington State University Extension

Dairy Endowment Fund

The purpose of the 4-H Dairy Endowment Fund is to provide a reliable and secure source of financial support for youth development through state and national 4-H dairy events and activities.  This fund is used to provide support for youth to attend agricultural workshops and conferences to further their knowledge and gain insight into career opportunities.  The fund was formed as an endowment with the earned interest used to support 4-H youth participation in dairy activities.

Prior to formation of the Fund in 1990, financial resources to support dairy
program youth development were primarily provided by state dairy organizations.   Funding only supported travel of 4-H youth to the National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest.  During this time, the number of dairy farms in Washington was decreasing by 10% annually, causing concern that funding resources from farmers and agribusiness would decrease until support for travel to National dairy youth events no longer existed.

A 15-member Committee composed of WSU Extension faculty, dairy industry personnel, 4-H leaders, youth and dairy support organizations, and staff, coordinates fundraising activities and oversees all decisions regarding the Fund.

The Committee is an affiliate of the Washington State 4-H Foundation, with all funds managed through the Foundation.  The 4-H Dairy Endowment Committee is dedicated to raising funds for programs that support the development of leadership skills, educational experiences, and career opportunities for youth.