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For Volunteers

We are glad you are considering being a volunteer with 4-H!  The 4-H program reaches out to kids and their families to build skills for life. Check us out! 4-H has a hundred different hands-on projects to offer.

Your time, knowledge and heart for youth could make a big difference in the quality of life in your community. Washington State University Extension will  provide you the support and training you’ll need along the way. You will be a valued partner in helping grow kids. Click here to find your local county extension office to learn more about how to become a volunteer.

You can view the statistics for our program by clicking on the year:



Notes on the data:

“Total (with duplications included)” (pg.1) is the count of how many times a youth a participated in 4-H programming, and may include duplication. For example, if a youth was in a 4-H club and also went to a 4-H camp, they may be included twice in this number.

“Total 4-H Youth Participants (duplications eliminated) (pg. 2) is the count of youth who participated in all 4-H programming, but excludes any duplicated youth. Using the example above, the youth who was in a club and went to a camp would only be counted once here.

Washington State University Extension