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Global Citizenship

4-H Global Citizenship projects empower young people to be well-informed global citizens who are actively engaged beyond their local communities.

They often have opportunities to work with youth and adults of other cultures to expand their understanding of the world community.

The impacts of Global Citizenship will help youth be ready to be leaders in a multi-cultural world!

Global Citizenship projects are available for 4-Hers of all ages, though some projects may not be available for younger 4-H youth.

Don’t see anything that fits a project idea you had? You can sign up for a Self-Determined Civic Engagement project and create your own! Learn more on the Self-Determined Project page!


And My World

“And My World” is a 4-H program designed by Virginia Cooperative Extension to help young people realize the importance of knowledge about other countries and cultures and instill positive cross-cultural attitudes and skills.

To access the curriculum, visit the Virginia Cooperative Extension Publications Store.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion projects help youth explore the many forms diversity takes in daily life. The ability to see life from various perspectives and have fun learning about new situations and people who are different is integral to being a leader in a world that is getting more diverse daily.

WSU Curriculum and Resources:
National 4-H Curriculum and Resources:


International Programs

International Programs encompasses programs with a focus on international relations. Washington State 4-H hosts two statewide international programs:

Each international program has its own age and participation requirements. Visit the program pages for more information.

Resources and Other Information

Global Citizenship Lesson Plans

Global Citizenship Lesson Plans: To assist you in working with your 4-H youth to learn global citizenship skills we are creating a series of five Global Citizenship Lesson Plans. These plans:

  • Can be used by any club or group regardless of project area to learn global citizenship skills and to learn about Burundi.
  • Are only 15 – 30 minutes long so can be easily incorporated during a club business meeting
  • Are fun and interactive
  • Are for all 4-H youth from 8 – 19
  • Are customizable and Include optional ideas for extensions

Lesson One “My Stuff”
Lesson Two “Who’s Hungry?”
Lesson Three “A Day in the Life”

Google Resources
  • Google Translate: A web-based language-translation tool.
  • Google Earth: Explore a 3-D representation of Earth based on satellite imagery, aerial photography, and GIS data.


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