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Washington State University Extension

Marketing Resources

The following marketing resources are available to all Washington State University 4-H staff, faculty, volunteers, and members. To maintain a consistent brand image, ensure you are following all 4-H and WSU branding guidelines.

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Below are the following sections:

  1. 4-H Name and Emblem
  2. Washington State University Logos and Brand Guidelines
  3. National 4-H Council Branding Guidelines and Resources
  4. Social Media Marketing Items
  5. Physical Media Items
  6. National 4-H Council Campaign Toolkits


4-H Name and Emblem

The 4-H Name and Emblem is a federal mark with protection and standards that exceed that of trademarks and copyrights. Please read and understand the full usage standards outlined in the USDA 4-H Name and Emblem Guidelines.


The 4-H emblem should never be screened, shaded, gradated, or appear in a multi-colored hue. Graphic Designers: The official color is 100% PMS 347 green.

The one exception to the above descriptions of the color of the H’s is when only one-color printing is being used. With one-color printing the H’s can be reversed out to the color of the paper (or medium) on which the emblem is printed.

One-color printing requires either PMS 347 green or black. For commercial applications, the “18 U.S.C. 707” notice should be the same color as the clover leaves. Black or white are the only acceptable alternatives to green for one-color printing.

Two-color printing – Only PMS 347 green may be used for the leaves and “18 U.S.C. 707” notice.

Four-color process (full color printing) – In four-color process printing, PMS colors are approximated using a particular combination of the standard four-color process printing inks. The four-color process percentages required to match 4-H’s PMS 347 green are: cyan 100%, magenta 0%, yellow 90%, and black 0%. There is no PMS equivalent to PMS 873.

Video and Computer Screen Colors (Electronic Media) – The colors transmitted by electronic media are created using precise combinations of RGB (red, green, blue). The correct RGB values for the 4-H green are: R=51, G=153, B=102. No other colors are acceptable.

Washington State University Logos and Brand Guidelines

WSU Branding Guidelines

The WSU logo must be included on all 4-H marketing materials. Please follow all WSU branding guidelines, which can be found here:

WSU/4-H Logo

When using the combined WSU/4-H logo, and additional clover and/or WSU logo are not necessary. Avoid using this logo in close proximity to other uses of the 4-H clover.

County Specific Logos

County Extension Office logos can be downloaded here:

National 4-H Council Branding Guidelines and Resources

Marketing Online Resource Center

All National 4-H Council marketing materials and toolkits can be found on the Marketing Online Resource Center. You must have an account with to access the site, which can be found here:

4-H Brand Guidelines Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide covers the basics of National 4-H Council brand guidelines. The Quick Start Guide can be downloaded here:

Graphic Standards and Styleguide

A more in depth guide, this includes usage guidelines, color pallet, font usage, and more. It also includes links to download the 4-H clover emblem. Download the guide here:

Social Media Marketing Items

Physical Media Items

4-H Is Happening Here Banners

Large Animal
Small Animal
General Youth

Thanks Missy for these banners!

Tri-fold Brochure

With Bleed
Without Bleed

Thanks Whitman County for this brochure!

National 4-H Council Campaign Toolkits

National 4-H Week Coming Soon!