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Welcome to the Horse page! Here you’ll find activities, curriculum, and resources specific to the Horse project.

Horse projects are available to our Junior, Intermediate, and Senior 4-Hers, with the exception of Horseless Horse, which is for all ages.

Projects available are:

  • Horse
  • Horseless Horse

Curriculum & Resources

WSU Curriculum & Resources

The following resources are available from WSU Extension Publications
Publications are FREE DOWNLOADS unless otherwise indicated.




PNW608 – The 4-H Dressage Manual







PNW575 – The 4-H Horse Judging Manual







EM4842E – Beginning Horsemanship








PNW587 – The 4-H Horse Project Guide








PNW488 – Hunt Seat and Jumper Manual







EM4715E – Horses Are Fun: 4-H Horseless Horse Project







PNW229 – The 4-H Driving Manual








PNW614 – Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest






C1114E – Groom Squad Contest Rules







PNW574 – The PNW Horse Contest Guide






National 4-H Curriculum & Resources

Coming Soon!

Other Curriculum & Resources





Illustrated Dictionary of Equine Terms (DET) 
Compiled by: New Horizons Education Center, Inc.





Equine Science – Basic Knowledge for Horse People of All Ages (EqSci):
Author: Jean T. Griffiths
A Publication of the American Youth Horse Council






How Many Horses Can Your Pasture Maintain?

Just for Fun: Equine Advertising Translation Guide

Horse Care & Safety

Safety Resources

Helping Horses Cope With and Recover From Poor Air Quality (The Horse Magazine)


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