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Welcome to the Horse page! Here you’ll find activities, curriculum, and resources specific to the Horse project.

Horse projects are available to our Junior, Intermediate, and Senior 4-Hers, with the exception of Horseless Horse, which is for all ages.

Projects available are:

  • Horse
  • Horseless Horse

Curriculum & Resources

WSU Curriculum & Resources

The following resources are  FREE DOWNLOADS unless otherwise indicated.

PNW587 – The 4-H Horse Project
EM4715E – Horses Are Fun: 4-H Horseless Horse Project
EM4842E – Beginning Horsemanship
PNW575 – 4-H Horse Judging Manual
EM2790E – 4-H Horse Advancement Member Guide
EM4869E – 4-H Horse Advancement Program Leader Guide
PNW608 – The 4-H Dressage Manual
PNW229 – The 4-H Driving Manual
PNW488 – Hunt Seat and Jumper Manual
C0015 – Light Horse Chart
EB1612E – Feeding the Performance Horse
FS240F – A Developmental Framework of 4-H Competition for Volunteers
– Michael Wallace, Extension Specialist


The following safety resources are available from WSU Extension Publications unless otherwise indicated. Where applicable, prices are current as of February 1, 2023

EM4849E – Equestrian Safety: A Guide to Promotion of Helmet Use
Download Here!

DVD131 – Every Time…Every Ride…

DVD132 – Ground Handling Horses Safely

MISC581 – Ground Handling Horses Safely Facilitator Guide and Lesson Plan

MISC582 – Equine Awareness Youth Education Program

WA State 4-H Equine Policies & Rules

PNW574 – The PNW Horse Contest Guide

Addendum to PNW574, PNW 4-H Horse Contest Guide:
Page 16: “Horses should be clean and well-groomed. Horses may be clipped/trimmed according to breed standard or left natural”

Western Dressage Tests (

4-H State Fair Reining Pattern 2023 (Seniors)

Disciplined Rail Rules
Small Equine Information & Rules

2023 Horse Bowl Contest Rules
2023 Hippology Contest Rules
Virtual Equine Presentation Rules – Coming Soon!
C1114E – Groom Squad Contest Rules
EM0758 – Washington 4-H Policies and Procedures

National 4-H Curriculum

The following curricula are published by National 4-H and are available for purchase at Prices are current as of July 1, 2021.




01518Y – Giddy Up and Go
Horse Level 1: Discovering Horses






01519Y – Head, Heart and Hooves
Horse Level 2: Horse Raising






01520Y – Stable Relationships
Horse Level 3: Horse Care






01521Y – Riding the Range
Horse Level 4: Horse Riding






01522Y – Jumping to New Heights
Horse Level 5: Horsemanship






01523F – Horse Project Helper’s Guide
Horse Group Activities






01523S – Horse Curriculum Set of 6








State and National Contest Resources
State Contest Resources


2023 Horse Bowl Rules
2023 Hippology Contest Rules
2022 Virtual Equine Presentation Rules
C1114E – Groom Squad Contest Rules
Washington State 4-H Equine Contest Source Guide

Equine Science by Jean T. Griffiths
$29.99 + Tax
American Youth Horse Council

National Contest Resources


Washington State 4-H Equine Contest Source Guide
Eastern National 4-H Horse Roundup Contest Information

Additional Resources

Record Book Resources

C0233E – 4-H Horse Certificate
C0856E – Individual Horse Record
C0857E – Horse Management Record
C0858E – Horse Production Breeding Record

Sample Senior and Intermediate Patterns

Intermediate Hunt Seat Patterns
Intermediate Saddle Seat Patterns
Intermediate Showmanship Patterns
Intermediate Western Equitation Patterns
Senior Hunt Seat Patterns
Senior Saddle Seat Patterns
Senior Showmanship Patterns
Senior Western Equitation Patterns

Horse Judges

Washington 4-H Horse Judges List (Revised February 2023)





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