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Washington State University Extension

Travel Grants

Dairy Travel Scholarship

Applicants can apply for funding to support travel to any event offering dairy science education or demonstration of skills.

4-H Dairy Endowment Purpose: 

The 4-H Dairy Endowment Fund was established to provide financial support for Washington State 4-H dairy activities.   The 4-H Dairy endowment fund provides financial support for several 4-H scholarships and attendance by 4-H’ers to the National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest, National 4-H Dairy Conference and the National Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest.  The fund is administered by the 4-H Dairy Endowment Committee, who holds fund raising activities.

Application Requirements:

The 4-H Dairy travel grant is designed to provide travel costs. To qualify for funding through the dairy travel fund, the applicant must have residency in Washington and be enrolled in 4-H.  College students who once were enrolled in a dairy 4-H project may also apply.  A maximum of $500 will be awarded for each qualified application. A different application must be sent in for each event seeking funding. There is no limit on the number of applications a person can submit. Events must be attended by November 15 of that year. The applicant is expected to pay all travel event costs and will only be reimbursed for expenditures included in the proposed budget. Prepayments for any costs will not be made. Documentation of costs (receipts) must be sent in before payments are reimbursed. All receipts must be received by December 1 of the year traveled.

In addition, a letter describing the educational benefit of attendance to the event must also be submitted with the receipts.  It should contain your impressions of the event, the impacts you gained from attending the event, new practices that you adopted because of new information learned, and any further dissemination of information you made to others. This letter must be received before any payments will be made to the applicant.

Application Process:

The application should be a maximum of one page using a font size of 12 for items 1-3 (Contact Information, Event Summary, and Educational Benefits).  A second page can be used to detail budget information.  The following information must be sent to Gary Fredricks at, by May 1 of the year travel is to occur.  Preference will be given to those that describe what they will gain from attending the conference/event, how they might publicize the information to others and if the event is agriculturally based.

  1. Contact Information 
    Please list your name, address, and phone number.  List your age, years in 4-H and what school you currently attend (please list major if in college).  Also include E-mail address and fax number if applicable
  2. Event Summary
    Please describe the event you would like to attend and highlight those areas of the event that will specifically help you.  If available, please include material describing this event.
  3. Educational Benefits
    Describe how attendance at this event will be of benefit to you.
  4. Budget 
    Itemize the expenses that you are requesting for funding.  If matching funds are being used to help to assist in financing this event, please list them and their sources.

Example:  Request $400 to travel to 4-H Dairy Forum.

Registration                               $110

Hotel (4 days)                            $240

Meals                                          $100

Travel (Air)                                 $400

Total Cost of Event                   $850



Gary Fredricks
(360) 577-3014