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Welcome to the Swine page! Here you’ll find activities, curriculum, and resources specific to the Swine project.

Swine projects are available for our Junior, Intermediate, and Senior 4-Hers.

Projects available:

  • Breeding
  • Market

Curriculum & Resources

WSU Curriculum & Resources
National 4-H Curriculum & Resources
Other Resources
African Swine Fever (ASF) Info Available for Swine Project Youth

African swine fever (ASF) is now active in North Korea, South Africa,
Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Moldova, Hungary and Germany.

As every country is now separated by only a few hours of travel, please encourage swine project youth to learn about ASF, including its signs and how to prevent it. Here is a simple and quick animation to encourage youth to do their part, followed by a link to youth-friendly resources for additional info.;!!JmPEgBY0HMszNaDT!-R7x3C4t-YWd2zNwl-hpbRDvrZuJLcDHG3uM8dVbxDTm-1njBwL3co1QYElZ$;!!JmPEgBY0HMszNaDT!-R7x3C4t-YWd2zNwl-hpbRDvrZuJLcDHG3uM8dVbxDTm-1njBwL3cla_RrRF$ (the biosecurity links focus on birds, but principles apply to all species).



Skillathon and Quiz Bowl



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