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Workshop Descriptions

Workshop #1

Wednesday, June 21, 2023 9am-10am

College Prep Grades 11/12 (this workshop spans all four workshop sessions, choose for all workshop options) – This workshop will cover all aspects of applying to and preparing for college including: admissions, applications, scholarships, financial aid, exploring different majors and advising.

College Prep Grades 9/10 (this workshop spans two workshop sessions, choose for #1 and #2) This workshop will cover all aspects of applying to and preparing for college including: admissions, applications, scholarships, financial aid, exploring different majors.

Communication Skills Gained from Livestock Judging Oral Reasons – Learning how to produce a great set of oral reasons for livestock judging is a skillset that transfers to a career setting. Many leaders in the agricultural industry attribute their successes in oral communications to oral reasons as a result of participation in judging events. This portion of judging contest can be one of the more challenging and sends many members away from the experience. Although reasons can be daunting, having the tools to succeed can reduce the fear that some have. Participants will learn the “5 Components of Reasons” including accuracy, organization, completeness, and terminology that will allow them to paint a picture for the reasons judge. Judging programs offer critical thinking expressed through a targeted communication style. The tools in this session will support other judging opportunities beyond livestock alone.

Juntos 4-H (this workshop is for those enrolled in the Juntos 4-H program (this workshop spans two workshop sessions, choose for #1 and #2) – Nosotros estamos avanzando! This workshop will be presented by two WA Juntos coordinators and two youth that attended the National Juntos Convening last month in Oregon. The two students will present about their experiences at the convening. The workshop will also include activities for youth in our separate Juntos programs to interact and mingle with each other. This will help them get to know each other and learn about programing at the other Juntos site. Finally, we will have some guests from WSU share and answer questions about being a Latinx person in higher education.

Crafting Your Profile: A Workshop on How to Write Resumes (this workshop spans two workshop sessions, choose for #1 and #2) – Participants will uncover the building blocks of a resume and begin thinking analytically about how to create one of their own. Participants will then work in small groups to review a broad range of example resumes and dive into a discussion of common hiring challenges, including implicit bias and the trap of “culture fit.” After this awareness building segment, participants will develop their own resume statements and practice resume-style writing. Participants will leave with several resources to take home to continue refining their resume building skills.

Glow Yoga – Experience glow yoga as you flow through poses while glowing in the dark. Practice is geared towards teen’s needs for positive social interaction, emotional balance and physical/mental health. Through this workshop, teens will learn the importance of mindfulness, yoga and meditation as it relates to their mental health and well-being.

ChatGPT: Quicker: Quicker Research and Ethical Use – Get hands-on with next generation Artificial Intelligence (AI), ChatGPT. Come experience a website just for you at Teen Conference 2023 and learn how to properly “prompt” ChatGPT and make it work! (Prompting is a specialized skill in ChatGPT.) We will also discuss how to use ChatGPT ethically. Bring your phone or another Internet enabled device.

Google Apps for the College Bound Student (this workshop spans two workshop sessions, choose for #1 and #2) – This workshop will be a hands-on training in the basic functions of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google Docs. By the end of this workshop, students will have a general understanding of the power of the Google Apps Suite of apps, and will know where to find more information and training if they are interested. They will also get a chance to work on formatting general papers with APA, sharing and saving papers in different formats.


Workshop #2

Wednesday, June 21, 2023 10:15am-11:15am

Make It and Take It Sausage Making – Make and it and take it sausage will be an interactive session where students will learn the “Art and Science” behind sausage making. Participants will be divided into teams that will transform ground pork into a “Super Sagey” breakfast sausage. Participants will learn about protein extraction and bind, dried versus fresh spices, packaging and shelf-life, etc. They will also taste the base recipe that will be provided by the instructor. Each participant at the end will package up to 1 lb. of their sausage formulation that they will be able to take home with them at the end of the conference.

Teen Cuisine: A Cooking-Based Program for Teens – Teen Cuisine is all about food preparation, nutrition, food safety & physical activity. During this hands-on, interactive workshop – participants will learn about nutrition and physical activity and how to be healthy living ambassadors in their community. Knowledge will be gained about sugar, salt, and fat; and teens will make a healthy snack – understanding that the healthy choice the easy choice!

Drone Operations for Facilities Management and Mapping – Interested in drones? Learn about how they can be used to support facilities preventive maintenance and campus mapping programs. We will cover flight planning and what it takes to operate safely on the Pullman campus. We will also discuss how we use drone mounted thermal imaging cameras for roof and electrical distribution equipment inspections and underground water leak detection. Participants will see how aerial images are used for creating high resolution ortho-mosaic basemap images.


Workshop #3

Thursday, June 22, 2023 9am-10am

Hearts and Livestock – In this workshop we will talk about the heart beat and the various structures in the heart; we will use a metronome to let the students hear the difference between the heart rate of a mouse (600 beats per minute) and other common livestock animals; and, finally we will allow the students to get hands-on experience with beef, pig, sheep, and mouse hearts.

Stress Management: Practical Tips to Prepare for Life After High School – This workshop will be a combination of lecture and hands-on learning activities. Participants will: learn about stress (what it is, what does it look like), learn about common sources of stress including academic pressures, social pressures, and life changes and engage in stress management activities that they can take with them as they transition to their post-high school lives. Youth will be provided with a journal, will learn some basic mindfulness and meditation techniques, will learn some tips for time management, and will have a list of practical skills to develop that will make them more efficient in their everyday interactions.

Mentally Preparing for Adulthood: Prepare Today So You’re Ready for Tomorrow – Research shows that health practices youth adopt now in life will shape their adulthood. It’s also clear that today’s young adults are struggling with burnout, work/life balance, and their own mental, emotional, and social health. How can today’s teenagers start preparing themselves mentally for adulthood? This workshop will cover how to engage with different dimensions of wellness as an adult.

National 4-H Opportunities – This workshop is about the National 4-H opportunities you can be a part of to strive throughout your 4-H journey. Through this workshop there will be a plethora of 4-H events to look through and learn about. This will give you the chance to find one that sparks your interest! We will be learning about the National 4-H opportunities you can be a part of to grow, lead, and succeed going through you high school years. National 4-H events can even help with finding your passion, your career, and your confidence!

A Career in Ag Sales – Learn about a day in the life of an agricultural sales person, how to prepare for a career in sales and about job options in the industry.

4-H International Exchange – The 4-H International Exchange Program has taken place in Washington for fifty years. There are three branches, or areas of participation: outbound, inbound and year long. Any of these can create opportunities that will expand your thinking, hone your communication skills and learn something new. In this session we will discuss the ways to participate in the program and why it is important to encounter different cultures.

Think About Your Future – In this workshop, students will participate in multiple different activities that will get them thinking about their futures. These activities include learning more about careers, finances, and more! Be prepared to talk as this workshop is very interactive and you will be participating as a big group.


Workshop #4

Thursday, June 22, 2023 10:15am – 11:15am

How to Survive Group Projects – After an interactive and likely humorous intro activity about the pitfalls of group work, participants will take a “Brain Color” assessment to receive their personalized working-personality results. In small groups, arranged by “Brain Color,” participants will analyze their results and share their findings with the whole class. We’ll explore what each “Brain Color” needs to feel included, heard, and successful–and what they need the team to avoid or validate (AKA their stress factor). Following a do, reflect, apply model, participants will then apply their new learnings about themselves and others to real experiences within school and work.

You’re Hired! Practicing Interview Best Practices – Interviewing is a skill that will serve anyone well throughout their life. Whether it’s a college or job interview, or a first date, there are always new opportunities to make a first impression. In this workshop, students will learn how to interview by serving as interviewers themselves! This table-turning activity will allow students to analyze strengths and weaknesses, highlights and shortcomings, and general best practices of a candidate being interviewed. Come to this workshop with a sense of curiosity and openness to have fun.

Building A Robot, Building Your Future – Join the Palouse Area Robotics Team to learn about how they planned, built, and competed with their robot, Quark! Learn about FIRST robotics competition and how the skills gained via participation in this exciting 4-H project can lead into a career in computer science, engineering, and more!

Holding Brave Spaces – This is a workshop that prepares us for having conversations about difficult topics. There are a lot of challenging issues in the world these days and the world needs leaders that can hold a space for differences and uncover common ground. We are going to look at some of our commonly held assumptions about “the right way” to have discussions, and move bravely towards authentic expression that includes multiple viewpoints.

It’s All About the Money! – Life can be expensive. In this workshop, you will learn how to decide how you spend money and create a plan for spending it.

Effective Presenting for Academics and Beyond – This workshop will focus heavily on how to prepare for and give a great presentation. Specific skills learned will be: public speaking, components of a great presentation, how to prepare for a presentation and visual presentation tips. Teens will leave with the skills needed to create a concise and engaging presentation that will step up their academic or professional public speaking game.

Teens Helping Teens: A Guide to Mental and Emotional Health – This workshop will provide tips on how to care for your emotional and mental health. We will do an activity that helps answer the question “What do you do if someone you know is struggling?” with tips, tricks, and next steps in a handy dandy worksheet! We will also act out a scenario to show how a conversation with a friend may go. Participants will then do a role-play exercise designed to give them practice engaging with someone who is struggling.

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