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Washington State University Extension

Virtual Showcase Resources

This is an unprecedented year where some fairs and shows have been cancelled and others are on the verge.  Fairs, shows, exhibitions, 4-H and FFA will be looking for ways to showcase youth in Washington for their project area efforts in a non-traditional format.  Washington State University Extension and Washington 4-H have come together to gather resources and create a toolkit for a virtual show experience. The following are guidelines to offering a virtual show.  Using these tools will help guide fair boards and fair management,  youth exhibitors, volunteers, leaders, advisors, etc in a successful virtual show experience. This kit has come together with content and program area expertise and is a work in progress.  As we initiate the use of these items we will find areas that need updating, we may gain insight of more efficient ways to execute this virtual environment, or we may learn new ideas from you the end-user to upload and share.  We acknowledge that this is a starting point and are offering this up now in order to meet some requests from clientele.  We also see this as a growing and ever changing resource as we learn more about this new venue for youth recognition.  Please utilize these resources and feel free to offer direction for enhancing the deliverables, so we are able to provide a useful tool kit that meets the needs of our end-user


General Information

Introduction to the Toolkit
Virtual Showcase Toolkit

COVID19 Communications Toolkit – IAFE
Judging Strategies
Meeting Online With Youth
Overview of Online Platforms
Virtual Showcase Guidelines


Activities and Still Exhibits

Virtual Showcase Toolkit

Communication and Clothing Event Virtual Fairs 2020 v3
Exhibit Recommendations
Virtual Modeling Tips – PURDUE


Animals – Updated 6/17

Virtual Showcase Toolkit

Animal Exhibit Tools for Success
Electronic Animal Evaluation Form
Exhibit Recommendations
Special Sale Handout – WA DoA – added 6/1
WSU Youth Livestock Exhibition Recommendations – added 6/17
WSU Youth Livestock Project Recommendations – added 6/17
The Online Horse Show – How to Host
Virtual Show Slide Set Recommendations 2020



Virtual Showcase Toolkit
COVID19 Communications Toolkit – IAFE

Asotin County Fair Cancellation Information
Clark County Fair letter
Community Statement

Judges Information

Virtual Showcase Toolkit

Judge Position Description
Judging Guidelines
Judging Strategies

Fillable Score Cards – Updated 9/8

Fillible PDF Instructions

Cakes – Angel, Chiffon, Sponge Cake – added 8/11
Canned Fruit Spreads – added 8/11
Canned Fruit, Tomatoes, and Vegetables– added 8/11
Canned Meat, Seafood, and Poultry  – added 8/11
Canned Pickles and Pickled Products  – added 8/11
Container Garden, Houseplant, and Dish Garden  – added 8/11
Cookies  – added 8/11
Creative Arts
Decorated Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies –  updated 8/11
Digital Photography
Dog Fitting and Showmanship Scorecard – added 9/8
Dog Obedience Scoresheet – Sub-Novice – added 9/8
Dog Obedience Scoresheet – Beginner Novice – added 9/8
Dog Obedience Scoresheet – Pre-Novice – added 9/8
Dog Obedience Scoresheet – Novice – added 9/8
Dog Obedience Scoresheet – Veteran/Modified – added 9/8
Dried Foods and Leathers  – added 8/11
Educational Display (Posters) 1
Educational Display (Posters) 2
Evaluating Oral Reasons Scorecard – added 8/20
External Egg – added 5/28
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable  – added 8/11
Garden Exhibit – added 8/11
Home Canned Specialties– added 8/11
Horse Reinsmanship Scorecard – added 9/8
Judging Scorecards – Junior
Judging Scorecards -Intermediate
Judging Scorecards -Senior
Pets – Fitting and Showing
Poultry Breed ID
Public Presentation
Public Speaking
Quick Breads, Muffins  – added 8/11
Quilt – updated 8/11
Self-Determined Projects -updated 8/11
Shortened Cakes, Cupcakes, Pound Cakes, Coffeecakes – added 8/11
WA State 4-H Dog Program Showmanship – added 8/11
Yeast Breads, Fancy Yeast Breads, Rolls, Yeast Coffeecakes – added 8/11