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KYG Conference Cost:

Estimate of Expenses

  • Registration Fee: Included in the registration fee is the Conference Materials, Lodging, T-Shirts, and Meals (Saturday Dinner, Sunday Lunch, Monday Lunch, and Legislative Reception. Sunday Dinner is County Night Out, allowing your delegation to eat dinner on their own at one of the many area restaurants or by ordering in.
    • Early Registration: December 1, 2019 – January 17, 2020 at $260 per person
    • Late Registration: January 18, 2020 – January 26, 2020 at $300 per person
  • Miscellaneous: Estimated cost – real totals should be discussed with your County Coordinators and parents
  • Gas: Don’t forget to budget for gas to help whoever is driving you.
  • Spending Money: This might be for traveling meals or County Night Out

Everyone that registers for Know Your Government Conference is required to stay for the whole duration of the conference.

Process for Registration:

In using 4hOnline this year the Youth Delegates and Adult Resources will have two ways of going about making a payment for KYG Registration (Credit Card through 4hOnline or by Check). Start with going to your Profile and choosing Event Registration.

The Registration process is the same as last year through 4hOnline but when they get to the invoice they can choose to pay by Card or Check.

Paying by Credit Card

If the participant chooses to pay by Credit Card for the KYG Conference then they need to make the full payment at the end of registration process on 4-H Online.

Paying by Check

If the participant chooses to pay by Check for the KYG Conference then at the end of the registration process on 4-H Online they will be provided with an invoice amount that they owe. From this step participants will deliver their check to their County Coordinator or to the County Extension Office.


Registration Link – “4-H Online”