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New 4-H Volunteers

Program Contact: Melanie Greer, 4-H Program Coordinator
(360) 417-2398 •


Volunteers make 4-H Happen

Begin your journey as a 4-H Volunteer by completing the 4-H Volunteer Application – Parts A & B, completing the online E-Learning for 4-H Volunteers, and viewing the “Putting the Child First” presentation. (see links below)

All new 4-H Volunteers must attend a 4-H Volunteer Orientation offered by the local 4-H office. Those interested in starting a new 4-H club or taking on a leadership role in their club will be given additional Club Leader Training. Contact for next available 4-H Orientation and Club Leader Training dates.

Volunteer Application Forms

4-H Online Enrollment

Additionally, all enrolled adult volunteers must submit their annual enrollment to 4-H Online.

Complete the following online trainings available at the links below:

Attend a new volunteer training session.
We have a couple of new volunteer training sessions coming up which you can sign up for:

If you are going to take over as club leader or if you are starting a new club, you will need to take a club leader training. Every club must have at least one trained club leader, however it may be that multiple people work together to lead the club. If this is the case it is recommended that people serving in that capacity are trained as club leaders.

We have a new Club Leader Training coming up which you can sign up for:


Questions? Contact us:, WSU Extension of Clallam County, 223 E. 4th St. Suite 15, Port Angeles, WA 98362; (360) 417-2398