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Master Composter +Recycling Program

Program Contact: Megan Davis, Waste Reduction Coordinator
(360) 417-2000, Ext 2026 •

Master Composter + Recycler Program:

Rethink + Prevent + Inspire

Who We Are:

Master Composters + Recyclers are volunteer waste prevention specialists who are trained in partnership with WSU-Extension and Clallam County Department of Public Works. The program highlights critical waste prevention activities with local solutions working with our local haulers, governments and organizations to create best practices and educate community members. Share your perspective on how our community can rethink and prevent waste!

This is a free, one day workshop, investigating waste in our society and how to prevent it.

Master Composter + Recycler Flyer


Topics include:

  • Introduction to the history and systems of waste & recycling
  • Thoughtful consumerism
  • Composting & Food Waste Prevention
  • Recycling Right: Clean, Empty, Dry!
  • Waste Prevention: Reduce, Re-purpose, Reuse, Repair, & Up-cycle



Tuesday, February 26th 10AM-5PM


FORKS – Sign up HERE

Saturday, March 23rd 11AM-5PM



Saturday, June 8th 10AM-5PM


Contact: Megan Davis, Waste Reduction Coordinator, or 360-417-2000, Ext 2026

MC+MR is sponsored by Local Solid Waste Financial Assistance program through the Washington State Department of Ecology