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Washington State University Extension

Master Composter +Recycling Program

Program Contact: Benji Astrachan, Waste Prevention Specialist
360-417-2000 ext. 2999 •
King County Recycle Right

Rethink + Prevent + Reduce + Inspire

Who We Are:

Master Composters + Recyclers are volunteer waste prevention specialists who are trained in partnership with WSU-Extension and Clallam County Department of Public Works. The program highlights critical waste prevention activities with local solutions. We work with our local haulers, governments and organizations to create best practices and educate community members. Share your perspective on how our community can rethink and prevent waste.

The MC+MR programs hosts educational projects and programs, including composting and recycling training workshop that investigates the following topics:

  • Understanding the waste & recycling system
  • Thoughtful consumerism
  • Composting Methods & Food Waste Prevention
  • Learn what and how to Recycle Right: Empty, Clean & Dry!
  • Waste Prevention: Rethink, Reduce, Re-purpose, Reuse, Repair, & Up-cycle


MC+MR is sponsored by Local Solid Waste Financial Assistance program through the Washington State Department of Ecology