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Program Contact: Megan Juran, Waste Reduction Coordinator

16062sequimMGcomposting5-6Composting is the single best thing your can do for your garden and yard.  Composting harnesses the natural process of decomposition to return organic materials like food and yard waste back to the soil as an amendment. In addition, adding beneficial organic material helps filter water, supports millions of organisms to thrive and anchors plants for optimal growth.

Many residents, schools and organizations in Clallam County are reducing the amount of food waste they dispose of by choosing to compost on site. It is easy to do and rewarding! Are you ready to get started?

  1. Choose your bin
  2. Choose your location
  3. Learn to compost!

View or print our brochure on Composting Basics for information on the benefits and how to’s.

For more information on soils, compost and mulch get see: WSU publications

Contact the Extension office to request these local composting experts for community events, presentations and composting projects.