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Food Waste Reduction & Gleaning

Program Contact: Sharah Truett, AmeriCorps Food Recovery Coordinator
(360) 565-2619 •

Nearly one-fifth of what is thrown away in Clallam County is food waste—much of it fresh, quality food. At a time when 16% of households in Clallam County are often unable to buy the food their family needs, we can prevent unnecessary food waste by diverting nutritious food resources to programs where they are greatly needed.


Gleaning is the practice of harvesting excess produce from farms, yards and gardens. If you see an overflowing garden or tree going to waste, contact the owner to see if they would appreciate gleaning assistance. WSU Clallam County Extension is coordinating the 2016 season of the Clallam County Gleaners, a group of volunteers that will come out and glean farms, yards, and gardens for donation to local food access programs and as an exchange for volunteer time. This makes a great service project for community groups! To volunteer as a gleaner, contact the Extension office at 417-2279.


Gleaning is a part of a home-grown solution to reducing food waste, increasing access to fresh and nutritious produce to our community members in need, and strengthening local community food systems.

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