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Program Contact: Megan Davis, Waste Reduction Coordinator
(360) 417-2000, Ext 2026 •

HUGELKULTUR (hoog-el-cull-tour)

Hugelkultur is an innovative method of using up on-site woody debris and other organic matter to build raised beds or planting mounds. The organic material decomposes over time, providing an ongoing source of nutrients, warmth, and moisture.

This simple, low tech trick can transform your dirt and woody debris into an active soil web by harnessing the power of decomposition-much like a nurse log in a forest.

Benefits of hugelkultur:

  • Excellent alternative to burning wood waste. Help reduce air pollution, and return valuable carbon into soils
  • The woody debris in hugel mounds retains moisture
  • Avoid off-site hauling–turn that waste into a resource
  • Ideal for areas where underlying soil is of poor quality or compacted; provides long term enrichment to soils
  • No cost installation, easy management
  • Possibly extends growing season as decomposition generates heat in mound

Learn and see more!

WSU Clallam County Extension volunteers installed the first hugelkultur demonstration at the 5th Street Community Garden in Port Angeles. View our step by step adventure on our Facebook photo album or visit the demonstration at the garden any time you’d like.

View or print our hugelkultur brochure for more information on the benefits and building instructions of a hugelkultur.