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Zero Waste Kit

Program Contact: Megan Juran, Waste Reduction Coordinator
Events can generate large amounts of garbage – paper plates, disposable cups, cans and bottles. Prevent unnecessary waste from going to the landfill – Call and reserve our Zero Waste Kit today!

Kit includes re-usable items for up to 15 people! 

  • $10 deposit (Refunded—after kit is returned clean, dry & complete)
  • Save Time & Money! Over $20 of savings for one party!
  • Kit includes re-usable plates, cups, mugs, napkins, flatware, and serving utensils
  • Add on’s include: compost bucket, dish rack, large bowls, & crock-pot


Cost of Disposables (landfill)

.02 per plastic utensil @ 15= .30
.17 per napkin @15 = 2.55
.22 per plate @15 = 3.30
.13 per bowl @15 = 1.95
.14 Per cup @15= 2.10
.27 per coffee cup @15 = 2.55

Total throw away cost for party of 15: $12.75

Average time used: 12 minutes. Life in the Landfill: 500-1,000 years.


Interested in creating your own kit for your home or office?

Download and print our signage and we can help you put a kit together!