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Awards & Scholarships

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Many activities, contests, awards and scholarships are available to Whatcom County 4-H members each year. This list has been compiled to help make members, leaders, and parents aware of these opportunities and encourage 4-H’ers to take part in “learning by doing”. New opportunities are continuously being created in 4-H; therefore, this list should not be considered complete. 4-H leaders, newsletters and the WSU Extension Office can provide more information.

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Support to Attend Events

Support to Attend Events Page

A part of the money that you pay in enrollment each year goes to support our motivated members and leaders in a wide variety of learning opportunities. If you are currently enrolled as a member or leader in Whatcom County 4-H, consider applying for financial support for any of the following.

Applications should be sent to the 4-H office (600 Dupont Street, Suite A, Bellingham, WA 98225) or presented at a 4-H Council Meeting prior to your event. Priority is given to: first time participants, individuals with financial need and in some cases those with prerequisite experience. Recipients of financial assistance are expected to identify how they will bring their learning back to the Whatcom 4-H community.


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4-H Record Book and Project Medal Awards

Project Medals:
Project Medals are awarded in all project areas for achievement in 4-H project work. Application is a record book. Member must be enrolled in the project. The member must designate the project(s) to be considered. Medals will be awarded in each designated project area for scores of 97 or higher. Evaluation forms are available on the Member & Leader Information Page or from the Extension Office on request. Project medals are free to 4-H Clubs who made a donation to Whatcom 4-H Council during the current 4-H year. Otherwise pins may be purchased through 4-H Council.

The due date for 4-H record books and award applications is September 30 by 4:00 p.m. Each club turning in record books is to supply a judge for every seven project areas in record books turned in. (Any additional judges are always welcome.) Judges may include 4-H leaders, parents, relatives or other interested community people. Judging of record books and training of judges is usually the first week of October.

These Medals have special score sheets or qualifications:

Achievement Medal: 4-H member must apply for this medal and must carry a minimum of 3 or more different project areas. For examples: Performance Horse, Leadership, and Foods meet this requirement. A member may have more projects. This medal is awarded on the basis of scoring 291 points or higher in the combination of any 3 projects. An individual project record is required for each project.

Agriculture Medal: 4-H members enrolled in Livestock, Horse, Dairy, Veterinary Science, Gardening projects, Poultry & Rabbits, etc. may apply. To qualify for this award a member must carry 2 or more projects in any of these areas and give a public presentation. For example: Beef Breeding & Beef Marketing or Vet. Science & Horse. The Agriculture Gold Medal is awarded on the basis of 1) Scoring 194 points or higher in the combination of any 2 Agricultural related projects; and 2) Giving a Public Presentation in one or both agriculture projects at club, county, district or state level. An individual project record is required for each project.

Fashion Revue Medal: Must receive 97 points or higher on clothing project record book. 4-H member must be enrolled in any clothing project or Adventure in Family Living Project, and have modeled at a county fashion event and must have received a blue ribbon. Submit style revue sheet along with a paragraph stating experiences learned in style revue. Record book required.

Public Speaking Medal: To apply for this award the 4-H member must meet these requirements:

  • Enroll in a Leadership project or Self Determined Social Science project and complete a project record that includes an emphasis in some area of 4-H Public Speaking (persuasive speech)
  • Set Goals related to public speaking and carry out a plan that involves using public speaking at the county level
  • Permanent record is required


Whatcom Community College Business Club

Young Entrepreneur’s Award:
Entrepreneurs are commonly seen as innovators and generators of new ideas. Good management skill and strong team building abilities are considered essential leadership skills for successful entrepreneurs. Having a vision for a project or product and seeing it through to completion.

Write a short essay (1 page) explaining how 4-H has helped you understand and develop as a young entrepreneur. Indicate sections in your current record book that clearly demonstrate this development. Then describe how you will be able to use these skills of entrepreneurship, enhanced through your 4-H experience, throughout your life.

Title this essay “I Am a 4-H Young Entrepreneur.” Include this essay in the front of your record book. Record books that score a blue ribbon and contain an “I Am a 4-H Young Entrepreneur” essay will be submitted to the Whatcom Community College Business Club for final judging.

Submit your completed record book and essay to the Extension Office for county judging by the last working day of September.


Larson Gross Fiscal Champion Awards

(Larson Gross CPAs & Consultants)

Larson Gross, a local CPA firm, works extensively with local farmers and agricultural suppliers and is the largest contributor to our Record Book Premium Fund. In addition, they are also sponsoring the Fiscal Champion Awards. There will be three “Fiscal Champion” book awards per year (Junior, Intermediate & Senior) for best fiscal record book keeping. Each Larson Gross Fiscal Champion Award will include a trophy, cash prize and a goodie bag.

To be considered for the Larson Gross Fiscal Champion Award you must score blue on your record book and indicate on your submitted score sheet that you are interested in being considered for this prestigious award. Record books are due in the Extension Office the last working day of September.

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Officer Awards

President’s Award:

President Award Form (pdf)

Application includes completion of the form on the above link and inclusion of copies of agendas, planning calendars, or what you used to organize your year and your meetings. All applicants will receive an award at Achievement Night. One applicant will be chosen as the overall winner. Applications are due September 30 to the WSU Extension Office. The Whatcom 4-H Council sponsors this award.


Secretary’s Award:

Secretary (pdf)

This award recognizes the 4-H Secretary with the best 4-H Club Secretary’s Book. Evaluation forms are available from the WSU Extension Office on request. Award sponsored by Cheryl Kahle, WSU Whatcom County Secretary.


Treasurer’s Award:

Treasurer Evaluation (pdf)

This award recognizes the 4-H Treasurer with the best 4-H Club Treasurer’s Book. Evaluation forms are available from the WSU Extension Office on request. Award sponsored by the Whatcom 4-H Council.


Council Representative Award:

Council Representative Award (pdf)

Application is a notebook that includes all the items listed on the score sheet for the award. All applicants will receive an award at Achievement Night. One applicant will be chosen as the overall winner. Applications are due September 30 to the WSU Extension Office. The Whatcom 4-H Council sponsors this award.


Lynden Tribune Reporter Award:

This traveling trophy goes to the club with the best scrapbook demonstrating how the club has gotten stories in county newspapers and on the quality of the stories printed. The club reporter’s scrapbook containing club news clipping is due in the WSU Extension Office by September 30. This award is sponsored and chosen by the Lynden Tribune.

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Community Service, Inspirational & Club Recognition Awards

“Traveling or rotating trophies stay with the recipient for one year and should be returned to the 4-H office September 30th or when record books are due.”

Mike Levien Inspirational Award:

Levien Award (pdf)

This distinguished award, originally presented in 1975 to Mike Levien, has been reinstated and presented at Achievement Night in November to an exceptional 4-H’er. Please help us honor the memory of a truly inspirational young man, and recognize excellence in 4-H by nominating a deserving 4-Her.

The recipient will receive the traveling Mike Levien Inspirational Trophy as well as a personal memento to remain in their possession. The purpose of this award is to honor the spirit, which was so clearly shown in Mike Levien, and to recognize other 4-Hers who possesses this gift. Nominations may come from anyone involved in the 4-H program including fellow members.

Please submit an original letter with this form outlining why this person deserves the Mike Levien Inspirational Award. The following are possible writing prompts (please pick one or more), and feel free to add your own thoughts about your candidate. What compelled you to nominate this member?

  • How have they inspired you personally?
  • How have you seen this member inspire others?
  • Relate an incident that exemplifies the Mike Levien spirit in this person.
  • How has this individual exhibited those qualities mentioned as requirements of this award?
  • With their project? With their club? Within themselves? Etc.
  • How have this person’s inspirational qualities become apparent in those around them?

The qualities that we are looking for in a recipient include Dedication, Motivation, Leadership, Perseverance, Altruism, Encouragement, and Tenacity.

This form is due in the WSU Extension office by September 30.


VFW Individual Community Service Award:

VFW Individual Community Service Award (pdf)

This award is to recognize a 4-H member for their individual community service. The application is to be handwritten by the member and is due by September 30 in the WSU Extension Office. Custer Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Ladies Auxiliary #9474 sponsors the award. The Award is a personalized VFW certificate plus $25.00 cash.


National Leadership Award (Danforth):

This leadership award is sponsored by the American Youth Foundation. The recipient receives the National Leadership Award and a copy of the book, “I Dare You!” by William H. Danforth. Application is a letter of nomination by a 4-H leader describing the nominee’s leadership experiences. Must be a senior member. For more information, go to:

National Leadership Award – American Youth Foundation

Additionally, seniors may enter the “I Dare You” Scholarship program, submitting an essay in order to receive partial funding to attend the National Youth Leadership Conference.


Whatcom 4-H Civic Engagement Awards

Whatcom 4-H Civic Engagement Award:

This award is sponsored by the Whatcom County Executive and is given to a club that successfully completes a Civic Engagement project utilizing the “Public Adventures” format. The club should submit at least one Public Adventures scrapbook detailing the steps they took in completing their project. A complimentary copy of the curriculum and adventure kit is available at the Extension office to clubs participating in an engagement project. The award is a rotating trophy.


Kiwanis Outstanding 4-H’er:

Outstanding 4h’er (pdf)

The purpose of this award is to recognize those 4-H youth who have demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership and achievement in their 4-H club and community. Any leader may nominate one or more 4-H’er by completing the above nomination form. 4-H’ers, 8th grade and above currently enrolled in 4-H may be nominated. The Lynden Breakfast Kiwanis each year selects a 4-H boy and 4-H girl for “Outstanding 4-H’er” as well as runner up recognition. Award winners are awarded grants to be applied towards a State/District leadership event of the member’s choice.


Bellingham Kiwanis Outstanding 4-H Club:

Outstanding Club (pdf)

The Outstanding 4-H Club Award recognizes the 4-H club with the best overall participation in educational activities, community service, state and county 4-H activities, 4-H promotion and involvement of all members. The Kiwanis judges will make their selection based on the information the club provides in the club scrapbook and the information included on the application form. Include activities from the current 4-H year (October – September).


1st place – plaque and $50

2nd place – certificate and $40

3rd place – certificate and $30


Smith/Brinkman Still Life/Foods Project Award:

Smith Brinkman Application (pdf)

This award was instituted by outstanding 4-H Leader Robin Brinkman in 2010, in honor of her parents. Ralph (Smitty) Smith was a Washington State University Graduate in Animal Husbandry. He had the very first horse 4-H club in the state of Washington, around 1954-55.

Whatcom County 4-H Intermediate and Senior members of 4-H who meet the following criteria are welcome to apply for the Smith/Brinkman Still Life Foods Project Award. One 4-H member is selected each year to receive this recognition based on number of years and/or outstanding achievement in a still life, canning or foods project area.

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Leader & Alumni Awards

Chamber of Commerce Leader of the Year:

Leader Year (pdf)

Any 4-H volunteer may nominate any other 4-H volunteer in Whatcom County. Recognition includes a plaque from the Whatcom Chamber of Commerce & Industry awarded at Achievement Night. Nominations are due September 30 in the WSU Extension Office. Nominations may be made on the form or by letter of nomination.


4-H Leader Clover Awards:

4-H leaders who have completed 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years of 4-H work will receive a pin and certificate sponsored by the Washington State Grange. Clover Award winners are taken from 4-H enrollment. No application necessary.


4-H Distinguished Alumnus:

Each year Whatcom County 4-H may recognize a distinguished 4-H alumnus at 4-H Achievement Night. The 4-H Council makes selection from nominations from any 4-H related person. It is given to a past 4-H member (may be from any county or state) who has made achievements in industry, government, or community service. A letter of nomination should include past and present 4-H involvement and past and present community involvement. The 4-H Council will review recommendations at the October meeting.

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Year Pins

Year pins are awarded to members completing the 4-H year. Each club determines “Completion”. Primary members may receive year pins. Club leaders submit the order for pins by year number. Year Pins are available free to 4-H Clubs who made a donation to Whatcom 4-H Council during the current 4-H year. Otherwise pins may be purchased through the 4-H Supply catalog.

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Sponsored Project Recognition at Achievement Night


  • Livestock Judging Team Awards sponsored by Silver Fir Farms Polled Herefords
  • Champion Junior Judge, sponsored by Fae Olesen
  • Champion Intermediate Judge, Sponsored by Clarence & Chris Paul
  • Champion Senior Judge, Sponsored by Clarence & Chris Paul
  • Overall Livestock Achievement Award sponsored by Clarence & Chris Paul



Sponsored by West Farm Foods



  • Sponsored by Whatcom 4-H Horse Leaders Committee
  • All Around 4-H Horse Project Award Perpetual Trophy
  • Overall Judging Buckles
  • Overall High Point Buckles
  • High Point Horse Project Driving Awards

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Whatcom County Scholarships

Whatcom County Post High School Scholarship Application (doc)

Whatcom County Post High School Scholarship Application (pdf)

The Purpose of the Whatcom 4-H Council Scholarship is to provide incentives for older youth to want to be in 4-H; to reward older 4-H youth for their achievement in 4-H and in the community; and to encourage youth to continue their education past high school.

Criteria for application: Must be at the time of application an enrolled member in a Whatcom County 4-H Club, be at least a senior in high school, and have verification that you are accepted into the school where you want to apply your scholarship. The scholarship is for $600.

Applications are due by April 1 with the following attachments:

  • Photo copy of Permanent 4-H Record Book
  • A letter of recommendation from a 4-H leader or other adult representative, describing the applicant’s 4-H involvement and 4-H growth
  • A copy of a letter of acceptance from the school where you will apply your scholarship if awarded
  • Written narrative not to exceed 1,000 words



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