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Weather Watchers – Citizen-Scientist: Skill Level Three

Weather Watchers

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CITIZEN-SCIENTIST – Skill Level: Three

Composite of a mountain range and a map of mountains
Photo by Melissa Ludtke, Sprouts of Hope, Roots & Shoots


Presenting the Facts & Taking Action


Objective: Research and communicate current data and information on climate change evidence.
Science Skills: Collecting and Interpreting Data
Life Skills:  Cooperation, Communication, Responsible Citizenship

The data on Climate Change is changing rapidly.  Have youth work in teams to create presentations that are built around current information about any of these evidence-based measures of increasing carbon in our environment:

  • Extreme Weather Occurrences
  • Ocean Acidity
  • Arctic and Antarctic Ice & Permafrost
  • “Safe” Carbon Levels
  • Sinks and Sources of CO2
  • Utilize the links and publications in Explore More and the Internet to gather information.


Activity 2: Taking Action

Objective: Plan and execute a civic engagement project
Science Skills: Hypothesize, Test,  Implement Solutions
Life Skill: Communication, Teamwork

What you choose to do to change your carbon footprint or educate others is up to you.  It’s up to each one of us and the choices we make.  Review information in “Explore More” for action suggestions.   Check out the excerpts from the “Public Adventures” curriculum in “Explore More” to help you plan the steps of effective civic engagement.