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Washington State University

Soil Testing

List of local labs: Local Labs Soil Testing (pdf)

gloved hands holding soil Soil sampling a great tool for home gardeners to assess conditions of their landscape beds, vegetable beds, lawns, etc.

A good soil testing program can be divided into four parts:

1 – Taking the sample
2 – Analyzing the sample
3 – Interpreting the sample analysis
4 – Making recommendations

We can assist with how, when, and why to test your soils.

Read this to get started: Soil Testing for Home Gardeners

How to Collect a Soil Sample (video):

How to collect soil samples:

Once you take a sample, you must send it to a laboratory for analysis. NOTE: WSU maintains a database of labs, inclusion of a laboratory or consultant in this list does not imply any endorsement by WSU.

TIP: We recommend calling the local labs to make sure things have not changed recently due to COVID-19.

Interpreting Results: After you receive results from the lab WSU Whatcom can assist you with guidance. Contact the WSU Whatcom MG plant clinic at: