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Washington State University

Forest Farmers – Citizen-Scientist: Skill Level Three

Forest Farmers

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Evaluate a Forest


Objective: Map and design a management plan for a small forest transect
Science Skills:  Evaluate, Infer, Communicate, Problem Solve, Design and Implement Solutions
Life Skills: Wise Use of Resources, Communication

Preparation Activities:
Examine and discuss the map “Washington State Small Forest Land Owners.” Ask questions about size and density of privately owned small forests in your county. What happens when a forest is harvested? How often is a family owned forest harvested?

Call ahead to see if you can schedule a field day to one of the forestry sites in “It’s All Connected.”  Identify a local independent forester willing to let the youth study their forest and answer questions.

What You Will Need:  GPS, pencil, ruler, string, washer, protractor, measuring tape, calculator, colored plastic ribbon, Forest Stewardship Plan

Activity: Complete a Forest Stewardship Inventory or a small transect of a local forest. Talk about your findings with the forest owner/manager.

  1. Print off a copy of the Forest Stewardship Plan
  2.  Find a small forest you can study
  3. Identify the parameters of your ploy/transect and mark them off or record the coordinates with a GPS
  4. Complete the inventory identifying as much as you can
  5. Report your findings to the forest manager


Asking the Right Questions: How do all the elements of an ecosystem contribute in constructing a forest plan?