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How to Join a 4-H Club

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4-H is a volunteer-operated organization, built by many local families. Our ability to find a club for your child depends on many important factors including:

  • Your child’s age
  • Your location in the county
  • Possible project interests


Please watch the parent orientation video:

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Contacting a 4-H Club:

You may select and contact 4-H clubs by email: contact

  • The 4-H year begins October 1st and goes to September 30th.
  • Our new member enrollment deadline for youth interested in attending the Fair is June 1st.
  • Requests for placement received after June 1st are usually not addressed until after October 1st.
  • Ask the leader about club activities, how often the club meets and where.
  • Ask the club leader if you and your children can visit a club meeting.
  • If you have the option, consider visiting more than one club, find one that feels like a good match.
  • Club leaders are usually looking for parents who are willing to engage with their children. If you have any hobbies you could share with young people, consider applying as a 4h_Leader_Position_Description through the extension office.
  • Remember volunteers are empowered to build positive youth development environments. A positive parental “can do” attitude will get you far.


What to Do If You Can’t Find a Club:

  • Contact the office to request more referrals.
  • Ask about 4-H events open to the public so you can find out more from other members.
  • Consider starting a new 4-H club.


Starting a New 4-H Club:

There is always room for more 4-H! Our goal is positive youth development, so whether you are raising chickens or flying airplanes, knitting skirts or building robots… we have a place for your enthusiasm!

4-H leadership is a rewarding community experience. You don’t have to be born a brilliant leader, in 4-H we build leaders from the ground up. There are some important things to consider before pursuing leadership:

  • What is your objective? What is the goal?
  • What projects are you comfortable starting with?
  • How many youth will your club contain? Do you have youth in mind?
  • Where will you meet?

Please read our 4h_GCL_Position_Description.

Fill out and Mail in a 4h_NewLeaderApp.

Once we receive your application, we will alert you to upcoming trainings as they are scheduled.

There are several county wide trainings every year for varying levels of leadership commitment, and training to help you develop leadership skills. Most of these are free to 4-H volunteers and are excellent opportunities to network with other incoming leaders. Check our 4-H Calendar for event and training opportunities and consider exploring our Whatcom 4-H Community Facebook Page where our members are frequently available to answer additional questions.



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