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Washington State University

Business Plan

Developing a Business Plan: Penn State
This publication will help you create your own business plan. It includes a discussion of the makeup of the plan and the information needed to develop a business plan. Pennsylvania State University, 2014

Market Vegetable Gardens: Planning for Success
This publication presents an overview of what is involved with producing vegetables for profit, including field considerations such as soil fertility and greenhouse requirements, and financial aspects such as crop revenue, labor, and marketing. Examples illustrate how implementation might work for your situation. Washington State University, 2012

BC Planning For Profit Business Plan Guides
BC Planning For Profit Business Plan Guides
Business plan guides are available here for a variety of crop types.

Veggie Compass
Veggie Compass is an ongoing project at the University of Wisconsin Madison that involves the development of whole farm profit management tools and workshops directed to diversified organic fresh market vegetable growers.

AgPlan is an online business plan development tool that gives tips on components of the business plan and allows the user to share their plan with others.