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Park Patrol – Engager: Skill Level Two

Park Patrol

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ENGAGER – Skill Level: Two

Using GPS on a trail
Using GPS to build maps


Understanding Parks and Impacts through GIS


Objective: Learn about Geospatial Mapping (GIS/GPS)
Science Skills: GPS/GIS technology, Predict, Observe, Collect Data, Collaborate, Solve Complex Problems
Life Skills: Teamwork, Keeping Records, Cooperation

Preparation Activities: Review the Facilitator’s Guide and Youth Guide linked in “Explore More” for a complete list of activity requirements. Ask your Extension office for prepared project kits.

What You Will Need:

– Transparencies copied with grids
– Dry erase pens


A) Work as a team to design a park
B) Work as a team to solve a pressing community issue using geospatial data

Consider entering your park design in the National Science Experiment!