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Washington State University

Park Patrol

Park Patrol

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Skill Level: One

Child reading a park rules sign
Conducting a Survey


Park Survey


Objective: Recognition and experience of different types of parks
Science Skills: Observe, Collect, Measure, and Evaluate Data
Life Skills: Teamwork, Cooperation

Skill Level: Two

Using GPS on a trail
Using GPS to build maps


Understanding Parks and Impacts through GIS


Objective: Learn about Geospatial Mapping (GIS/GPS)
Science Skills: GPS/GIS technology, Predict, Observe, Collect Data, Collaborate, Solve Complex Problems
Life Skills: Teamwork, Keeping Records, Cooperation

Skill Level: Three

Creosote survey on the shore
Creosote Survey


Community Outreach


Objective: Recognition of the benefits parks provide, and understand where community parks would benefit from volunteer outreach
Science Skills: Evaluate, State problem, Implement solutions
Life Skills: Leadership, Teamwork, Cooperation, Planning/Organizing, Wise Use of Resources, Community Service