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Hidden Highways

Hidden Highways

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Skill Level: One

Observing wildlife
Observing wildlife


Recording Wildlife Encounters


Objective: Look for wildlife and signs of wildlife
Science Skills: Observation, deductive reasoning
Life Skills: Critical thinking

Skill Level: Two

Examining Tracks and Talons
Examining Tracks and Talons


Casting Animal Tracks


Objective: Utilize multiple methods for reporting animal sightings
Science Skills: Observation, deductive reasoning, measurement
Life Skills: Contributing to a group effort

Skill Level: Three

Ariel of corridors used by wildlife
Corridors used by wildlife


Map Search & Everybody’s Watching!


Objective:  Use web based mapping tools and investigation to discover  and assist in repairing potential breaks in wildlife corridors,  “hidden highways.”
Science Skills: Using technology, making inferences, establishing a hypothesis, conducting a restoration experiment
Life Skills:  communicating, partnering with other organizations