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Washington State University

Master Gardener Program

Snipping a branch

Solstice Pruning

June 10, 2023 • Hovander Homestead Park

Interested in learning how to do some of your own pruning work around the summer solstice? End-of-spring, early-summer pruning benefits many small trees and shrubs in coastal Northwest gardens.

We’ll talk timing, plant habits, and pruning cuts, and how to use selective pruning and thinning to ensure ample flowers and fruit.

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What is a Master Gardener?
Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who work in partnership with WSU Extension to educate the public and enhance the quality of life in the community by promoting sound gardening practices. This includes integrated pest management, efficient watering systems, soil improvement and choosing appropriate plants.

What We Do
WSU Whatcom County Extension works with local partners to develop and deliver projects that benefit our community using sound, researched based community horticulture education.

Master Gardener volunteers are public educators who work on a variety of projects throughout the year.

Community Projects, Events, Workshops
All are open to the public.

Annual Plant Sale – Second Saturday in MAY
Garden Education for Schools & Clubs – Year Round
Bellingham Farmers Market – Monthly garden booths, May – Sept.
NWWA Fair – Master Gardener educational booth in August
Native Plant & Weed Education – Workshops and Field Study
Composting Demonstration
Grow Your Own Groceries – Workshops and Talks
Diagnostic Plant Clinic
Demonstration Gardens – Hovander Park and the Roeder Home
Youth Garden Support
Stormwater Education & Rain Gardens
Community Gardens Support

The Master Gardeners Program was started here in Washington State in 1973. Records show that 120 Master Gardeners from King and Pierce County Extension were trained in the first class. They served more than 7,000 clients in their first year. Today there are more than 3,000 Master Gardeners serving in 28 of the 39 Washington Counties. We serve more than a quarter of a million clients each year. The Master Gardeners program is now operating in 46 states and four Canadian provinces.