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Washington State University

Weather Watchers

Weather Watchers

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Skill Level: One



Measuring Temperature, Wind and Rain


Objective:  Collect  consistent and accurate data collection with self created data tools
Science Skills:  data collection, confirming data against multiple sources
Life Skills:  critical thinking

Skill Level: Two

Child dressed as Statue of Liberty holding energy efficient light bulb
Photo by Melissa Ludtke, Sprouts of Hope, Roots & Shoots


Exploring Climate Change and Public Perceptions


Objectives: Explain the concept of ‘sources’ and ‘sinks’ as they relate to CO2, use an indicator solution (BTB) to reveal the presence of CO2 and understand the differences between animal and fossil fuel sources of global CO2.
Science Skills: Collecting Data, Measuring, Summarizing
Life Skills: Critical thinking, wise use of resources

Skill Level: Three

Composite of a mountain range and a map of mountains
Photo by Melissa Ludtke, Sprouts of Hope, Roots & Shoots


Presenting the Facts & Taking Action


Objective: Research and communicate current data and information on climate change evidence.
Science Skills: Collecting and Interpreting Data
Life Skills:  Cooperation, Communication, Responsible Citizenship