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Washington State University

WSU Whatcom County Extension office has moved!

Our office is now located at: 600 Dupont Street, Suite A, Bellingham, WA  98225

Gardening Green

Would you like to have a landscape that naturally thrives –
and a yard that is healthier for people, birds, and other critters?


WSU Whatcom County Extension’s self-directed, online Gardening Green course will teach you the essential principles and practices for creating a beautiful garden that requires less water, and little to no fertilizer or pesticides, while also nourishing the soil and helping to keep our Whatcom waters clean and healthy.

The course is completely free and cover the following topics:

  • Putting the Right Plant in the Right Place
  • Mapping your Yard
  • Soil – the Foundation
  • Saving Water and Managing Maintenance,
    • Choosing Water Wise Plants,
    • Hydrozoning and other Watering Techniques and Tools,
    • Mulch and Maintenance Zones
The next self-directed
Gardening Green course begins September 12, 2022
Register today!


Register by contacting: Cheryl Lovato Niles, Water Resources Educator
(360) 778-5812 •


Upcoming Class:

Gardening Green Course in Bellingham
The next self-directed Gardening Green course begins September 12, 2022.

Register today!

Cheryl Lovato Niles

Cheryl Lovato Niles
Water Resources Educator
(360) 778-5812

Self-Directed Online Gardening Green Course

Woman using Laptop

The self-directed online Gardening Green Course starts September 12, 2022.

This online course is offered on the Moodle learning platform and includes recorded lectures, videos, online resources, printable summary sheets, worksheets and more! There are tons of great materials to explore, and you’ll have 2 months to work through the course

If you are looking for a flexible learning option and you enjoy a self-directed learning experience this is a great option for you!

Registration process:

To register for the self-directed Gardening Green Course email Cheryl Lovato Niles at or call (360) 778-5812.