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Washington State University

Gutter Guardians

Gutter Guardians

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Skill Level: One

Storm Drain
Storm Drain


Model a Watershed & Runoff Races


Objective:  Make a model watershed: the area of land that feeds water into a stream, river, lake or bay.
Science Skills: Build/Construct, Hypothesize, Analyze, Observe
Life Skills:  Critical Thinking, Communication

Skill Level: Two

Measuring Sediment
Measuring Sediment


Modeling Turbidity


Objective: Create turbidity in a jar and observe the behavior of soil particles in water.
Science Skills: Observation, Compare/Contrast, Infer
Life Skills: Critical Thinking

Skill Level: Three

Inventory of hazardous chemicals
Inventory of Hazardous Chemicals


What’s In Your Watershed?


Objective: Research environmental hazards associated with common home, yard and garden products and research ways to reduce these hazards.
Science Skills: Research a Problem, Evaluate, Invent Solutions, Problem Solve.
Life Skills: Keeping Records, Problem Solving, Responsible Citizenship