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Master Composter / Recycler Program

Person sorting compost over bin

Master Composter Training

Oct 22 – Nov 12, 2019 • Tuesday evenings, 6-8pm

Learn about zero-waste lifestyle, recycling updates,
food waste prevention and composting.

INFO Flyer  •  Application

WSU Whatcom County Extension offers a 4-week course with a focus on household waste solutions and community education. WSU Master Composter/Recycler volunteers are committed to sharing research-based knowledge throughout our community. Make a difference at home and in your community!

Course Fee: $75 • scholarships available

Fee includes class materials, tours of local facilities, and hands-on workshops.

Contact Beth Chisholm: • (360) 778-5811


Extension programs and employment are available to all without discrimination. Evidence of noncompliance may be reported through your extension office.

Reasonable accommodations will be made for persons with disabilities and special needs who contact the Whatcom Extension office at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Who are Master Composter/Recyclers?
Master Composter/Recyclers are stewards of energy transformation who educate the community about cycling local resources, building soil, and growing food. As volunteers, they are trained by and work in partnership with WSU Whatcom County Extension.

What We Do
Master Composter/Recyclers work in classrooms, in community gardens, and at special events to demonstrate sustainable approaches towards resource management using research-based composting and recycling education. Contact to request a visit from Master Composter/Recycler volunteers.

Local partners include:

– WSU Master Gardener Program
– Toward Zero Waste
– Bellingham Food Bank
– Community Gardens

Master Composter/Recycler Training
Master Composter/Recycler training is for people of all levels of composting and gardening experience and may serve as a complement to Master Gardener training or stand alone. Certified Master Composters will create a functional home composting system, understand the basics of decomposition and soil science, know the nuances of composting and recycling in Whatcom County, and extoll the significance of soil building and waste/resource management from local, regional, and global perspectives. Best of all, they will enter into a supportive community of fellow composters, recyclers and gardeners.

To become a Certified Master Composter/Recycler, applicants must complete 30 hours of training and 30 hours of volunteer time as a community educator. Tuition includes classroom and construction materials, discussion with experts, and field trips.

For more information, please contact:
Master Composter/Recycler Coordinator
(360) 778-5811

WSU Whatcom Master Composter & Recycler Logo

For more information:
Master Composter/Recycler Coordinator
(360) 778-5811