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Washington State University

Our office is moving in July!

NOTE: June 30, 2022 will be the last day we will be open so we can pack and move.

Research projects and community programs scheduled outside of our physical office will continue as planned. If you need to reach us, email us ( or leave us a message on our voicemail, (360) 778-5806, so we can respond to you as soon as possible.

We will open at our new location on July 18th at: 600 Dupont Street, Bellingham, WA

Electrical Entrepreneurs

Electrical Entrepreneurs
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Skill Level: One

Two girls with a electrical experiment
Putting a project together


It’s Electrifying!


Objective: Build a simple electrical generator
Life Skill: Wise Use of Resources
Science Skills: Build, Infer, Use Tools

Skill Level: Two

Energy experiment
Energy experiment


Energy Users in My Town


Objective: Interview independent energy producers to compare and contrast alternative energies and how they could
Science Skills: Measure, Collect Data, Compare/Contrast, Evaluate
Life Skills: Marketable Skills, Communication

Skill Level: Three

Image placeholder only
Image Placeholder Only


Hydro-electric Power & Water Conservation


Objective: Evaluate the pros and cons of hydro-electric power, promote water conservation
Science Skills: Question, Research a Problem, Evaluate, Compare/Contrast
Life Skills: Communication, Wise Use of Resources, Responsible Citizenship