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Washington State University

Electrical Entrepreneurs

Electrical Entrepreneurs

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Skill Level: One

Two girls with a electrical experiment
Putting a project together


It’s Electrifying!


Objective: Build a simple electrical generator
Life Skill: Wise Use of Resources
Science Skills: Build, Infer, Use Tools

Skill Level: Two

Energy experiment
Energy experiment


Energy Users in My Town


Objective: Interview independent energy producers to compare and contrast alternative energies and how they could
Science Skills: Measure, Collect Data, Compare/Contrast, Evaluate
Life Skills: Marketable Skills, Communication

Skill Level: Three

Image placeholder only
Image Placeholder Only


Hydro-electric Power & Water Conservation


Objective: Evaluate the pros and cons of hydro-electric power, promote water conservation
Science Skills: Question, Research a Problem, Evaluate, Compare/Contrast
Life Skills: Communication, Wise Use of Resources, Responsible Citizenship