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Washington State University

Diagnostic Plant Clinic

Clinic location is at the County Extension office, 600 Dupont Street, Suite A, Bellingham, WA  98225 (map): (360) 778-5808

You can also email your plant problems with digital photos to
The Clinic Desk, at:


Resources of Washington State University and the USDA to help us find out exactly what’s bothering that prized plant of yours. Call us for assistance before you have a problem.

How to Collect, Package & Deliver Plant/Weed ID Samples
Samples for Plant and Weed ID must be alive, fresh, and undamaged. They should include leaves, buds, stems, flowers, roots, and fruits/seeds or as many of these features as possible. A single leaf is not enough!

If you plan to bring in a plant or insect sample for diagnosis, you can print out and complete our Clinic Form to save time!

Diagnostic Clinic Intake Form

Insect Diagnosis Request Form

Master Gardener Volunteer Educators are available regularly during the gardening season to answer your questions. We enjoy the challenge of figuring out what’s wrong with your plants and helping you solve your horticultural puzzles. Whether you want to know what’s chewing on your rhododendrons, the straight scoop on composting, or how much fertilizer to put on your lawn and when to apply it, the Master Gardeners of Whatcom County can help!

We are trained to offer research-based information about what to do to prevent problems. Preventative measures may minimize the need for drastic corrective measures that are potentially more damaging to the environment as well as to the home garden.

WSU Extension Clinic Resources

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Gardening Questions and Links

Plant Disease and Insect Identification Pests Leaflet Series

Approved Clinic Resources

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